Mom Finds Her Lost Child after Being Forced to Give Her up 40 Years Ago

As a young pregnant woman living in a Bethesda Home, her baby was stolen from her. Forty years after the ordeal that traumatized her, she was reunited with her long-lost daughter. 

This year a Dalton, Georgia resident nervously awaited the arrival of someone she had been looking for her whole life long. Nancy Davis Womac grew up in the Bethesda Home for Girls, and it was some of the worst years of her life. 

The facility was managed by Baptist preachers and was situated in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Her time in the Home was controlled, and a pregnant Womac felt alone and forced to do chores all day long. 


Womac was also concerned because she knew her baby would be taken away from her. She wanted to keep her child, but the Home’s owners would not allow it. It was later discovered that they sold many babies for around $250 per child. 

The children would be sent to Christian families where they could be raised in a religious household. Then the 16-year-old Womac imagined herself running away with her child. However, she was constantly being watched and locked inside. 

Womac expressed that she cried every day leading up to the birth. Her little one was delivered in 1979, but sadly, she never got to see or hold her daughter. It was devastating for her, and as she grew older, the pain did not subside.

Womac shared that she made a birthday cake for her child every year in June. She tried to track her down multiple times, but when her efforts failed, she thought she would never get the opportunity to meet her daughter.  


Thankfully, her firstborn also started to wonder about her birth mom. Melanie Spencer, who grew up predominantly in South Africa, always knew that she was adopted. However, she did not know the whole story.

It was only after she took an ancestry test in 2018 that she started on a journey to find her mother. Spencer managed to reach Womac’s sister, and in no time, the daughter had made contact with her mother. 


In one of the first messages, Womac already told Spencer how much she was loved. The mother also told her she thought of her every day and added: “There’s so much I want to tell you.” Their first hug was emotional for both of them. 

It was an embrace that was four decades overdue. Spencer said that driving to her mom’s house instantly felt like “driving home.” While the ordeal still haunts Womac, she believes that meeting her child has started to heal her broken heart. 

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