Mom Finds Consolation after Son’s Death by Spending Christmas with a Boy Whose Life He Saved

In 2016 a heartbroken mother was not looking forward to Christmas. Her son passed away, but fortunately, she could spend time with someone special who helped lift her spirits. 

A Georgia mother was devastated when she unexpectedly lost her son in 2014. The 16-year-old suffered a brain hemorrhage and passed away as a result. However, Tyler Liebl’s death saved a life.  

His mom, Janece Risty, was comforted by knowing that her boy’s heart managed to keep someone else alive. She chose to donate his organs, and Lance Frye was a recipient. 

A photo of a mother and her late son who saved many lives as an organ donor | Photo:

The 19-year-old was “forever grateful” for the sacrifice and stated: “I wouldn’t be here without him.” The close relationship formed between Risty and Frye was a silver lining to the story.

The pair’s connection was special and helped the grieving mom. Risty expressed

“Since we connected this year, we’ve become like family.” 

A mother who lost her son spends Christmas with the person whose life he saved | Photo: Youtube/WSB-TV


The mother shared that her son’s heart was made for both her boy and Frye. His passing was a shock because the student who loved dancing and snowboarding was very healthy. 

His mom remembered him as being a kind and selfless person. She missed her son and dreaded spending the holiday seasons without him. Thankfully, Frye was there for her. 

A photo of a mother and her late son who saved many lives as an organ donor | Photo: Youtube/WSB-TV

For him, the transplant made them family. Frye stated: “It was important for me to learn about who gave me my heart.” Liebl’s death helped more than 23 people. Many of his vital organs went to recipients in need. 

Before Liebl’s passing, his mother had asked him about the possibility of becoming an organ donor. She knew it was something he would have wanted because he always hoped to help others. 

A teenager who passed away saved many lives as an organ donor | Photo: Youtube/WSB-TV


For a special Christmas surprise, Frye and his family decided to spend time with Liebl’s mom in Newnan. While they had only met in person once before, it felt like they were family. 

Risty expressed: “It’s like having an extended family. When we get together, we all just get along well.” The mom also showed the family around her town and pointed out some memories with her son. 


Christmas day was “a really beautiful experience” as Risty enjoyed the day with the Frye family. While seeing Frye brings up a lot of emotion for the mother, she also feels joy.

Frye also had a message for the boy who donated an organ and saved him. He said: “If I could talk to Tyler, I would say, ‘Thank you so so much. Thank you for my life.

The person whose life was saved by a young organ donor | Photo: Youtube/WSB-TV


Thanks to Risty, Frye was able to find out about the type of person Liebl was, and it made the process all the more personal. While Risty will always miss her son, she is thankful for the Frye family.

How they included her in their lives was special and helped her in the years after her son’s death. She lost a son but also gained one in the process. 

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