Mom Discovers Critical Health Issue during Labor and Chooses to Die So Her Unborn Son Can Live

A mother suffered a critical medical emergency while she was giving birth to her child. She chose to sacrifice herself so that her unborn baby would survive the ordeal. 

In Aurora, Colorado, a mother endured a tragic experience. While Karisa Bugal was in labor, doctors found something unexpected. Karisa had a severe health condition that would change her family’s life forever.

As Karisa welcomed her son, Declan Jay, into the world in 2014, her medical team discovered she had a rare amniotic fluid embolism. The condition is uncommon but often fatal.  

Dr. Kelly Gerow shared that when amniotic fluids cover the baby or find a way to get into the mom’s bloodstream, it leads to organ failure. The doctor added: “We don’t know how to prevent it. We don’t know how to keep it from happening at all.”

Sadly, Karisa was one of the few moms who encountered an embolism during what was supposed to be a joyful moment. Her labor turned into a tragedy, and when doctors explained what was happening, Karisa made a big decision.

The medical team informed Karisa that her unborn baby was struggling, and his heart rate was not looking good. The mother quickly opted for a cesarean.  Dr. Gerow shared:

“Her other option would have been to stay awake for her surgery, but by the time we would have put in a spinal tap or something, it’s possible Declan would not have made it.” 

Karisa’s husband, Wes, spoke about the last time he saw his wife. He watched them wheel her away for the emergency c-section and said: “That was about the last time I saw her.”

Before passing away, the mother asked the doctors how much her little one weighed. A heartbroken Wes expressed that he had no words to describe the encounter, and he worried about how he would convey the events to his child one day.

The husband said: “How do I explain to him that his mom is gone giving birth to him? I think about that all the time.” The mother’s incredible selflessness touched many netizens.

A user stated: “This woman is such a hero. God bless her for saving her child.” Another commenter added: “Oh, the pain of her husband is heartbreaking.

Many also pointed out that while this mother made the noble sacrifice, it was not for the public to judge those who chose otherwise. A netizen explained: “Wanting to save yourself is not a bad decision. Sometimes, it’s the best thing you can do.”

Regardless, the pregnant mother saved her child’s life, and while she paid the ultimate price for it, her son could one day call her a hero like so many already have. 

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