Mom Cries When She’s Surprised with Teddy Bear With a Voice Recording of Her Late Son

Losing a loved one can be a harrowing experience. Some individuals cope with their grief by keeping reminders of their loved ones around. In this case, it was an adorable Teddy Bear that left a heart-shattered mother weeping. 

In 2018, Brittany Garcia took to Twitter to share an emotional video clip with the rest of the world of her mother opening a gift on Christmas Eve. 

The response she got was overwhelming, with the video receiving just over 6 million views, around 62,000 retweets, nearly 8000 quote Tweets, and right under 310,00 likes so far. 

A mother opening a present and crying over the sound of her dead sounds voice emanating from the Teddy Bear.┃

In the touching clip, the Twitter user’s mother opened a present, already looking emotional as she did it. Upon seeing the Teddy Bear dressed in police officers’ clothing, she appeared even closer to tears. 

Looking at the stuffed toy, her daughter told her to press the bear’s hand. She did, and a voice emanated from the Teddy Bear, leading the mother to sob and hold the toy against her chest. 

Taking to the Tweet, Garcia explained that the voice was her brother and police officer Sean Tanner‘s, which led her mother to be overcome with complete emotion. The social media user penned

“My little brother died in the beginning of October, for Christmas I got my parents a build a bear in a police uniform (he was a cop) with his voice”

Many responded that the video had brought tears to their eyes, with some fellow Twitter users sharing similar experiences of losing loved ones.

Three days after Christmas of that year, when the mom received the gift, the daughter and sister responded to the intense reaction she received from the public. She firstly thanked everyone for all the love. However, in the thread, she also addressed some criticisms, writing

“I would just like to comment that everyone grieves differently. My family has a need to hear his voice, it’s not ripping open a wound (like people have said).”

Continuing, she expressed that her family’s wound is still open and will likely remain that way. Almost everyone agreed with this sentiment, stating that she and her loved ones should have the right to grieve in a way that suits them. 

This mother’s wails are a testament to the deep love a parent has for their child or children. In another case, one man’s anger over his daughter’s death, or in this case, murder, showed just how much he cared for her. 

In 2016, 38-year-old Michael Madison was on trial for murdering three women. The victims were 38-year-old Angela Deskins, 28-year-old Shetisha Sheeley, and lastly, daughter to father Van Terry, 18-year-old Shirellda Terry. 

Van Terry lunging himself at Michael Madison [left]; Michael Madison [right].┃Source:

The trial wasn’t to prove whether he was innocent or guilty but rather if he should receive the death penalty. When he was sentenced to death, father Terry stood up to give an impact statement.

He began talking, but a few moments later, while looking at the killer, something overcame him, and he leaped at Madison – an astounding moment caught on video. The dad didn’t manage to attack the criminal with bailiffs and court officials pulling him away. 

Van Terry speaking at the podium in court.┃Source:

There is a possibility that this father may be charged, and although he understands this, he believes that what he did was right and did not regret it.

Unfortunately, in this case, the remainder of his child was not a Teddy Bear but a man right across from him who took his daughter’s life. 

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