Mom Bursts into Tears When Her Dream of Dancing with Disabled Son Comes True at Her Wedding

A woman struggled to keep her emotions in check after snagging the rare opportunity of dancing with her disabled son at her wedding. She had her wish come true thanks to a handy trick from her new groom.

After relaying her one wish to someday dance with her disabled son, Alex Dieterle, Jo Atrill’s groom moved mountains to bring it to fruition. What better day to give her the precious gift than her wedding day.

With that in mind, her husband and Alex’s stepdad, Martin, took it upon himself to save the first dance for the mother-son duo. After weeks of planning, he came up with a special means of having the youngster, who suffered from Cerebral Palsy, take to the dance floor.

He handmade a special harness, which enabled him to strap the 13-year-old to his chest. Then, on the big day in 2017, the groom utilized his invention, hitting the dance floor with Alex, to Jo’s surprise.

The realization then dawned on her as she joined them on the dance floor, overwhelmed with emotions. The woman could barely control the tears streaming down her cheeks. Soon after, everyone present began crying as well, making the wedding an emotional affair.

The hall was filled with silence, with the song “Yellow” playing in the background, remaining the only audible sound as the mother and son waltzed in unison, guided by an emotional Martin.

The groom admitted that the moment the song ended, he took the boy out of the harness and collapsed on a heap on the floor together with two of his best men, shedding tears.

Since the video went viral, several well-wishers have joined the outpouring of emotions while commending Martin for being such a thoughtful husband and stepdad.

Many admitted the clip drove them to tears, further heightened by Jamie Mathias’ music filtering through the audience.

For their first family vacay post-wedding, the family planned a trip to Disney, along with Alex, his two step-siblings, and the newlyweds.

However, given Alex’s disability, he could only fly in first class, which allowed for a flatbed he could lay on throughout the journey. But that was a luxury the family could hardly afford.

A close family friend set up a GoFundMe page to enable the family of five to raise money for their dream vacation and provide the youngster the experience of a lifetime. 

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