Mom Afraid of Being Judged Puts a Sign on Her Daughter’s Back to Prevent Shaming

When a single mother took her young child along to shop for essentials, she left a message for people looking to judge her. The mother explained why she couldn’t leave her daughter at home, and the post went viral. 

In April 2020, a desperate mother decided to take her child along for a trip to the grocery store. The choice was made out of necessity and the mother would much rather have left her five-year-old safely at home. 

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, people have been advised to avoid going into public spaces as much as possible. However for single mom, MaryAnn Fausey Resendez this was not an option.


Anticipating an array of different reactions, the Texas resident wrote a message and attached it to her daughter’s back. The words told people why she was forced to bring a child into the supermarket. 

The mother also posted the note on her Facebook page and captioned it: “The sign I made her wear cuz I just know some [expletive] will take a picture & talk [expletive] on social media not knowing all the facts.”

To avoid being shamed, the mother used a note written from the perspective of her little girl. It read: “I am only five. I can’t stay home alone, so I have to buy groceries with mommy. Before you start judging, stay back six feet.”

There were still commenters that questioned the single mother’s actions and suggested alternative ideas.

The mother encouraged others to share her post, and it certainly gained a lot of traction online. The note got people talking, with close to seven thousand likes, thousands of comments, and over 40 thousand shares.  


One netizen wrote: “Wishing you and your daughter safety and good health!” They also indicated that it was one of “the hardest jobs in the world” to be a single parent and encouraged her to “keep doing what [she was] doing!!”

Others shared similar experiences. A user said: “Sorry you are going through this. I can relate, though. I cannot leave [my daughter] home alone or in the car. People need to be less judgmental.” 


There were still commenters that questioned the single mother’s actions and suggested alternative ideas. Someone stated:

“Mommy should’ve ordered her groceries delivered [because] your life, the little girl, is worth much more than the delivery charge.”

The user added that while the truth may hurt, they refused to “walk on eggshells for anyone.” The comment caused many netizens to defend the mother. The overwhelming majority of reactions were supportive, and people applauded the mom for raising a child alone in such difficult times. 

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