Mike Tyson Admitted His 4-Year Daughter’s Death Made Him ‘Wake up’ & Become Another Person

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is popularly known for his time in the boxing ring, which was largely successful, albeit marred by episodes of violence and personal chaos. However, the death of his little girl caused him to change.

From the ’80s to the late ’90s, Mike Tyson literally had the world in his hands. Touted as the new champ after the reigns of the likes of Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Tyson ruled the boxing world with his iron fist, which earned him the nickname “Iron Mike.”

His grass-grace story, however, was not without its bad sides. The former heavy-weight champion often found himself in the midst of trouble and was never far from legal woes that often affected his career.

Former professional boxer Mike Tyson pictured at an event. [Left] | Mike Tyson in a photo smiling with his kids. [Right] | Photo: Getty Images

Tyson’s personal life was an utter opposite from the success he saw in the ring. His personal life was not chaotic, it was filled with obsessive behavior, addictions, and episodes of violence, but all that changed after he lost his 4-year-old daughter.


In an interview with the legendary TV host, Larry King, Tyson admitted to living a toxic life. The 55-year-old confessed to getting drunk after every fight, and things got out of hand for the fighter.

Mike Tyson during the 2019 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards at the iHeartRadio Theater LA on January 18, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

While chatting with King, Tyson admitted he no longer was the man the world first knew more than three decades ago. And when asked what changed, Tyson said he had to grow up.

Tyson lost his 4-year-old daughter, Exodus, in an accident, and the retired boxer said that caused him to evaluate his life and make a change. The accident, which was described as tragic, happened on a home treadmill.

The little girl was playing with the treadmill when she accidentally hanged herself with a cord dangling from the treadmill. She was later placed on life support, but unfortunately, she did not make it.

Tyson, 42 at the time, had been in Las Vegas but flew to Phoenix immediately after learning of the accident. By the time he got to the scene, the little girl had been pronounced dead.

Tyson has done a lot to keep busy in recent months, including getting back into the ring for an exhibition match.

Tyson opened up on the grief he felt following his daughter’s death during an interview with Piers Morgan. The former boxing champ remarked that he was in a state of helplessness as he had no control over the situation.

The father of seven claimed his loss also caused him to have a different outlook on life. For a start, he decided to become a better parent after admitting he had done a bad job raising his kids.

Tyson has six biological children and considers himself a father to his second wife’s daughter, making him a father of seven.

The retired pro boxer had three wives and children from three different women, not all he was married to. Tyson shares a close bond with all his children: Mikey Lorna, 31, Rayna, 25, Amir, 24, Miguel, 19, Milan, 13, and Morocco, 10.

Each of Tyson’s kids has pursued different careers with the support of their father. Tyson’s oldest daughter Mikey Lorna is a plus-size model who is active on social media. 

Lorna has done quite well for herself. She was the cover girl for “Queen Size” magazine in November 2016. She frequently talks about her weight struggles and how she broke into the fashion world. 

Tyson’s oldest son, Amir, is the CEO of the “Debonair Attire” clothing line. Amir has also performed in front of the camera. Meanwhile, Rayna is actively involved in the entertainment industry and hopes to become a big star.

Miguel Leon enjoys living a private life; however, he works as an artist and also enjoys being an activist. He also seems to be interested in boxing as he has trained with his father on several occasions. However, he has no plans to step into the ring. 

Milan and Morocco, Tyson’s youngest two children, are extremely close to the former boxer, and he loves to keep them within his reach. However, since they are both still in school, he prefers to keep the kids off social media and the public eye.

Tyson has done a lot to keep busy in recent months, including getting back into the ring for an exhibition match, and he still plans to do more of that in the coming years.

Despite the many activities in his life, Tyson confessed to being a lonely father as he was without his kids in California, where he runs his business. Tyson’s family resides in his Seven Hills home in Nevada. For Tyson, family remains everything.

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