Meet Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Husband of 8 Years, Justin Mikita, Who Almost Died as a Child

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson has been married to his husband Justin Mikita for eight years. Had Mikita not survived an illness as a child, their long union would not have happened. Take a look at the couple’s beautiful marriage.

Renowned actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson shot to stardom for playing his iconic character Micthell Pritchett on the acclaimed 2009 television series “Modern Family.”

Besides becoming a household name, the 46-year-old actor lucked out in the love department. He has been married to Justin Mikita for eight years and they are proud parents to their son, Beckett Ferguson-Mikita.


There’s more to Mikita than being a lawyer. Although he does not have a lengthy list of credits like his famous husband, Mikita has appeared in several television shows

He previously appeared in the 2000 film “Can’t Be Heaven.” He also appeared in a 2012 documentary series about California’s state constitutional ballot known as Proposition 8. 

In 2019, he joined the Equality Act Awareness Campaign along with other public figures. The act provides non-discriminatory rights to the LGBTQ+ community in the United States. 

Mikita’s passion and advocacy for LGBTQIA+ rights started when he was young. While some children struggled with their sexuality, the 36-year-old lawyer had a smooth upbringing. 

Mikita’s parents realized he was gay when he was a child. Mikita has been thankful for his supportive parents, who made him feel comfortable with his sexuality growing up.

He thanked his parents for helping him recover from his past battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare type of cancer. Mikita spent two years in a hospital for chemotherapy until his remission in 1999.


In 2014, Ferguson opened up about Mikita’s past battle with cancer, saying his husband was 13 when he received his diagnosis. His husband is now cancer-free but still goes for a medical check-up. Ferguson said:

“He goes in once a year for his check-up to make sure he’s still cancer-free, so he’s always reminded of it.”

The five-time Emmy nominated actor and Mikita are the celebrity couple who joined the “Stand up to Cancer” campaign, supporting various innovative cancer research programs.

Two years later, it was Mikita’s turn to support Ferguson, following a health scare. In 2016, the TV actor had a piece of his skin taken out of his cheek because he was afraid he might have cancer.

Ferguson said that although his health scare was not life-threatening, he still wanted to make decisions health-wise.

Since his surgery was on his face, Ferguson said it made him feel anxious. He stated it was an overwhelming procedure as he considered his face part of his job in the industry.

Ferguson shared his health scare happened despite wearing sunscreen every day. The culinary star shared he grew up in New Mexico, where he was exposed to the sun when he was young. He added:

“I’ve never had a brush with cancer before.”

Ferguson said that although his health scare was not life-threatening, he still wanted to make decisions health-wise. He thanked Mikita for comforting him throughout the ordeal.

Ferguson’s life has been incredibly blissful with Mikita around him. Ferguson recently took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of him, his husband, and their dog.

The admirable couple looked dapper in their stylish ensembles. Ferguson wrote in his lengthy message that they are cancer survivors besides being lovers.

Besides being cancer survivors, they continue fighting for LGBTQIA+ equality through Pronoun, their organization formerly known as Tie The Knot. They founded the group in 2012.

The Pronoun organization has kept Mikita and Ferguson’s relationship strong for years. The couple did not run short of expressing their love for each other in public.

Mikita, meanwhile, proved that even without a message, his love for Ferguson stays the same. The renowned lawyer shared a photo displaying his sweet gesture for him as they donned suave suits with bowties.

Ferguson previously shared a throwback photo and an updated snap in honor of his husband’s birthday. He sent Mikita a warm greeting, adding that he is lucky to call him “my husband.”

Ferguson is proud to be Mikita’s husband, but there are times when he is not proud of him, especially in the kitchen. Since Mikita does not know how to do dishes or cook, he jokingly described him as “useless.”

Throughout his life, the “Ugly Betty” actor enjoyed cooking. He and his friend, Julie Tanous, a professional chef, published the “Food Between Friends” cookbook early this year.

Besides cooking, he shares a love for theater with Mikita. Currently, They are co-producing a documentary called “Broadway Rising,” which documents the challenging process of shows restarting after the pandemic.

Ferguson first met his husband at the gym during the early days of “Modern Family.” Mikita started a conversation with the TV star’s exciting role in the hit series.

Ferguson played a gay lawyer married to actor Eric Stonestreet’s character Cameron Tucker in the iconic series. Ferguson stayed in touch with Mikita, started exchanging messages on Twitter, and began dating in 2010. 

Mikita, who worked for the American Foundation for Equal Rights, sought Ferguson’s help in lobbying for gay marriage. After New York passed marriage equality in 2011, the pair tied the knot in 2013.

Mikita is not afraid to show the world how proud he is of Ferguson being a loving father to their son, Beckett. The acclaimed actor’s representative stated the couple welcomed the little boy in 2020.

In a past interview with veteran TV host Ellen Degeneres, Ferguson described his one-year-old son as a sweet boy. He said he was having fun looking after their charming son. 

When Beckett turned a year older, Mikita shared two delightful snaps of the boy enjoying a sunny day at the beach. Ferguson appears to be playing with their son as they raise him in the air and down the sand.

Ferguson has truly enjoyed fatherhood. The proud dad revealed to Degeneres that he and Mikita plan to raise Beckett gay until the little boy decides to become straight.

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