Man’s Family Accuses His Wife of Infidelity, He Checks Their Security Camera Footage

A man opened up on Reddit after his family accused his wife of infidelity. Despite telling them that he trusted his wife, they were adamant about her cheating on him behind his back. 

The 30-year-old man believed he was lucky to have his wife in his life. He loved her and never thought she would cheat on him until his family told him something.

They accused her of cheating on him after returning home from a business trip. They believed she did something wrong while he was away from home for a week. 

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The Redditor revealed that he was in a “committed, long-term relationship” with his 29-year-old wife. Before he left for a business trip, he asked his elder brother to look after his family while he was away. 

His brother agreed and came to their house to look after the children while his wife went to work. He also did the groceries for them and took care of their needs. 

Everything was going well until OP (Original Poster) returned from his trip. His brother claimed that his wife was cheating on him behind his back. 

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OP’s brother said he saw multiple men entering the house at night and leaving in the morning. However, he refused to believe him because he trusted his wife and thought she wouldn’t betray him.

He posted it on social media, and the news spread like wildfire.

The Redditor also shared that his brother “had a history of compulsive lying,” so the chances of him not telling the truth were high. 

OP’s brother claimed he saw multiple men entering and leaving his house in his absence | Source: Unsplash

But to settle any suspicions, OP decided to calmly talked to his wife and ask her about it. He felt relieved when she assured him she wasn’t cheating on him and that no one ever entered the house while he was away except his brother. He explained:

“She even proved it to me via the security cameras we have strapped to the exterior of our house.”

OP proved his brother wrong by showing him the video as evidence, but his brother didn’t stop there. He told the family that OP’s wife cheated on him with multiple men. He posted it on social media, and the news spread like wildfire.

OP’s brother posted everything on social media | Source: Unsplash

Soon, OP’s parents contacted him and told him to leave his wife instantly. He argued that she didn’t do anything wrong, but they refused to listen to him.

OP was furious seeing his parents trust his brother, who had no proof to back his lies. He blew up when they asked him to divorce his wife. He recounted:

“I told them, in no uncertain terms, that Maria had done NOTHING wrong, and I would not break up with them [sic].”

OP was furious seeing his parents trust his brother | Source: Unsplash

OP also accused his parents of always hating him. He left the house, refusing to talk to them until they “used their brains.” He saw his mother break down in tears as he left. 

He felt guilty about making his mother cry, so he posted his story on Reddit to ask others if he did anything wrong. MerlinBiggs replied:

“NTA. It sucks your parent seem to have so little faith in you and your wife. “

He posted his story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash

The user also suggested OP block his brother out of his life. She believed what he did was “nasty” and needed professional help. 

Another Redditor named SpeedBlitzX wondered why OP’s brother was bent on ruining his love life. He asked OP if there was any reason behind his brother’s strange behavior. 

Other Redditors shared their thoughts in the comments section | Source: Unsplash

OP replied revealing what happened when they were teenagers. His brother liked a girl and told OP not to ask her out on a date. OP refused and asked the girl, which didn’t sit well with his brother. 

He believed his brother tried messing up his love life because of what happened more than a decade ago. Most users thought OP was not at fault. They felt sorry for him and believed his family was acting strange. 

OP and his brother both liked the same girl | Source: Unsplash

Do you think OP should have explained everything to his parents before leaving?

OP tried explaining the situation to his parents, but they refused to listen. Some people might think OP should have tried to talk to them when they were in a better mood before leaving the house. They might have listened to his side of the story. However, some people might agree that he did the right thing by leaving his parents.

If you were OP, would you ask your brother to seek therapy?

Since OP said his brother had a history of compulsive lying, his problems may be solved if he sought therapy. OP could ask his brother to seek help from a therapist. However, it may also be difficult for OP to talk to him because they don’t have a good relationship. 

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