Man’s Ex Claims He Ruined Her Life After He Sued Her – He Wonders If He Was Right

A confused man turned to Reddit after his ex-girlfriend blamed him for ruining her life after he sued her. His friends agreed with his ex, while he believed he took the right step because she made him go through worse.

A Reddit user named AberStafsha confessed he had dated a YouTuber, but his relationship didn’t turn out to be perfect. He shared the details of his love life to seek advice from the online community.

OP (Original Poster) dated his girlfriend for a year before things started to go downhill. It all started when she began ignoring him for her career.

OP felt neglected when her girlfriend started paying attention to her YouTube channel. She spent days filming and editing videos without realizing how it was affecting their relationship. Ultimately, they broke up, and OP chose not to disclose the reason, saying

“Not really important why we broke up, but we broke up.”

Three months later, OP’s inbox was flooded with similar messages from his friends, telling him to visit his ex-girlfriend’s YouTube channel. 

To his horror, his ex had posted a video where she insulted him and claimed he was “emotionally abusive.” This is where the real trouble began. 

When her audience clicked on the link, they started believing that the girl was at fault. 

A few hours after his ex’s video went live, random strangers started messaging OP, saying how awful of a person he was. When this wasn’t enough, people started wishing he was dead already.

People he had never met had started visualizing how they would want him to die. The humiliating messages had begun to take a toll on OP’s mental wellbeing, so he decided to sue her. He explained:

“It ruined them. I knew they were financially in a bad spot and they likely couldn’t afford court fees but the case dragged.”

After the case started, OP’s ex uploaded a video on her channel where she discussed how she couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer. She also mentioned that OP had ruined her life.

After watching her video, OP’s friends sympathized with his ex, so they asked him to let it go, but he refused. He explained that he had also paid a considerable amount to fight his case, so there was no going back.

Eventually, OP won the case, but he received nothing from his ex, so he decided to make the court trial results public to prove that he was not the “bad guy.”

OP took his revenge by attaching a link to the court results on each comment under her YouTube videos. When her audience clicked on the link, they started believing that the girl was at fault. 

As a result, his ex’s viewership decreased, which badly affected her YouTube career. She, along with OP’s friends, blamed him for ruining her life. They believed he shouldn’t have posted the court results under each comment. Confused by his friends’ reactions, OP posted his story on Reddit to ask other people their opinions.

The opinions on Reddit were divided. Some users suggested OP create his own YouTube channel, become famous and regain the respect he had lost, but OP refused as he felt fame had ruined his relationship. He responded saying:

“God no! I’m done with the spotlight for at least a while.”

Despite divided opinions, a large number of users supported OP’s decision to go to court and sue his ex-girlfriend for defamation since her videos were directly affecting his reputation. They felt his ex should have thought about that before posting videos against him and that she should have known her actions would have consequences. Many felt that everything that was happening could be directly attributed to her actions and decisions.

Some users believed the issue could have been resolved if OP’s ex deleted the video where she claimed he was emotionally abusive. They also felt she should post an apology video clearing OP’s name. The users believed if she did this, people would stop sending OP mean messages, and he wouldn’t need to sue her.

Many users praised OP for making the court trial results public and posting them in the comments section of his ex’s videos. Especially since many felt that had she taken steps to rectify public opinions about OP after the trial, he wouldn’t have had to publicize the results to clear his name.

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