Man Yells at Walmart Employee Who Takes Too Long to Help Him and Makes Her Cry

While the man was walking towards the self-checkout counter, he heard someone ask, “what’s wrong?” He turned around and saw that the Walmart employee was crying because of what he said to her. 

A Redditor named Smileyninja94 posted his story to see what strangers on the internet felt about his behavior with the employee.

After reading the details of the incident, other Redditors flooded his post with comments. Some people took the employee’s side, while other users believed both were at fault. 

The man went to Walmart to buy a $5 tool that was present behind a locked glass. He wanted to open the lock to see the tool, so he pressed the “Happy to Help” button to call a Walmart employee.

After waiting for 30 minutes, the man saw a female employee walking towards him. “Excuse me! I need someone with a key. I have been waiting a while now,” he said politely. 

The employee asked him if he had pushed the button, to which he replied that he did and had been waiting for half an hour. He noticed she looked at him “dead in the eyes” after hearing his reply.

“Do you know how to push the button?” she asked and walked away before the man could answer her question. He ignored what the employee said and waited for another employee to come with the key.

He also told her that she didn’t know “how to do her job.”

After 15 minutes, OP (Original Poster) spotted a man walking in his direction with a key in his hand. He apologized to him for the delay and quickly opened the lock and handed the tool to OP.

OP was delighted to get his hands on the tool he was looking for. The employee guided him to the sporting goods registration counter and asked the lady to help OP. When she turned around, OP realized it was the same woman he met a few minutes ago. He explained:

“To my suprise it was the same lady. She stood there pretending to wipe the thing for another 5 minutes looking back at me every few seconds.”

The man confessed he was annoyed, but he didn’t express his feelings at this point. After a few more minutes, the woman turned towards the computer to scan the tool. 

The computer got stuck, and OP felt the woman didn’t know what to do next. He informed her that he was in a rush and asked if she needed any help, saying:

“Do you know how to do your job? Are you still in training? Where is your trainer? Have you even done this before? Are you even allowed to use the register?”

When the Walmart employee looked at OP with a confused expression, he picked the tool and informed the lady that he was going to the self-checkout counter. He also told her that she didn’t know “how to do her job.”

As soon as he turned and walked towards the checkout counters, he heard a faint voice asking, “What’s wrong?” He turned around and saw the same female employee crying.

The man felt terrible, so he posted his story on Reddit to ask other users if they thought he was at fault. No-Policy-4095 replied that both OP and the employee were at fault for being rude. Psh-ova agreed to the comment, saying:

“This! The Walmart employee was extremely rude, but so were you.” 

They also added that anyone would feel annoyed if mistreated and asked to wait for more than 30 minutes by a Walmart employee. Another user named JiuJitsuBoy2001 believed OP was exaggerating the waiting time, saying:

“I’m also highly doubting the 30 minute, 15 minute and 5 minute time timelines in your story”

Another similar post surfaced on Reddit where the poster asked employees if their customers had ever made them cry. A user named murgle_ answered the question by saying she worked at the electronics section at Walmart but was working as a cashier once in place of a coworker.

Since the cashier duties were new for her, she pressed the wrong change button and took some time to figure out how to rectify her mistake. Meanwhile, the customers started commenting on how “stupid” she was.

Feeling humiliated, she left the cash counter midway and cried in the bathroom. She confessed that she had developed a thick skin after the incident and had coworkers back her up whenever she felt clueless. 

Most Redditors agreed that it’s wrong for customers to humiliate employees. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a man who saw an old lady on the ground asking for help.

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