Man with Fertility Issues Doubts Girlfriend’s Fidelity after She Reveals She’s Pregnant

A man who knew he was sterile was startled by his girlfriend’s pregnancy announcement. Different dubious scenarios played out in his head. He began looking for cues to prove she was carrying another man’s child and stood frozen at what he found in the end.

A 33-year-old man took to Reddit to seek advice on his pregnant girlfriend. The kicker? He grew up knowing he couldn’t biologically father a child.

Redditor No_Lengthiness9169 recently opened up online about his dilemma, hoping to get to the bottom of his partner’s pregnancy mystery. He was disappointed and decided to break up with her, but his instincts urged him to investigate the matter before taking the big step.

OP’s girlfriend revealed her pregnancy to him | Photo: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP) and his girlfriend, 29, dated each other for three years. There were zero red flags during this period, and everything seemed perfect. However, the most significant bump arrived when OP’s girlfriend revealed her pregnancy to him.

It would’ve been a piece of happy news if it hadn’t been for OP’s sterility diagnosis years earlier while testing for a different health issue. The doctors had then disclosed to him that he’d likely not have any children.

Though he was sexually active, he firmly believed he couldn’t impregnate any of his previous partners. The pregnancy announcement startled OP, and he recalled the visible differences in his partner’s attitude he’d spotted recently.

OP’s girlfriend startled him with her pregnancy announcement | Photo: Pexels

OP’s girlfriend had been distancing herself for the past six weeks, and this somehow seeded more doubts in his mind. He was bombarded with several questions and wondered if she was carrying someone else’s child.

He was confused and turned to social media for advice, and among the threads of overwhelming responses, user GroundbreakingBet281 advised, saying:

“Just ask her who the baby’s daddy is. Just ask like it’s the most normal question in the world. You either gonna have to leave her now or wait. Either way, you probably won’t get real proof until the baby is born. She can lie and you CAN’T MAKE her get a DNA test.”

OP recalled how his girlfriend suddenly started distancing from him a few weeks ago | Photo: Pexels

OP responded that he’d already thought about this plan but was uncertain if she’d tell him the truth. He was determined not to wait until the baby’s birth if it turned out to be another man’s offspring.

Her ex continued to stalk her through several fake accounts, describing the “different things” he wanted to do to her.

Meanwhile, Redditor caught-a-knee asked OP if his girlfriend knew about his sterility. “Yes. We had that discussion shortly after we first got together,” OP stated.

As the discussion warmed up, some users advised OP to recheck his sterility reports and even look up his girlfriend’s phone for clues.

OP was bombarded with several questions | Photo: Pexels

One night, OP took his girlfriend’s phone while she was asleep and rummaged through her chat history. He was enraged after reading threads of explicit messages.

Around two months back, she ran into her ex at a grocery store, talked for a bit, then went their separate ways. They then began chatting formally on social media. She’d mentioned how happy she was with OP, and he felt great.

As he scrolled through their chats, OP realized a drastic change in the guy’s approach. He began sending flirtatious messages to her and even tried to reconcile with her.

Some startling details came to light on his partner’s phone | Photo: Pexels

She didn’t respond to any of the messages and blocked him several times. But her ex continued to stalk her through several fake accounts, describing the “different things” he wanted to do to her.

OP was pleased to know his girlfriend never cheated on him, but he decided not to tell his girlfriend that he’d spied on her phone without her consent. OP was confused about handling the situation but was comforted by the knowledge that there was no evidence proving she was disloyal to him. 

“I can finally grasp the reality that this child very well maybe 100 percent mine, and for that, I couldn’t be happier,” he concluded.

OP was delighted to know his girlfriend never cheated on him | Photo: Unsplash

Does sterility genuinely impact the overall conception abilities and tamper with a family’s dream of having children?

Regarding OP’s story, he firmly believed he couldn’t have children with his current and ex-partners. The sterility diagnosis doctors told him years ago was medically proven. However, had he rechecked the reports, then maybe he could’ve earned another chance to know his chances of conception were still possible. 

Should OP’s girlfriend have informed him about her exchanges with her ex?

Sometimes, people prefer not to make little confessions to keep the peace. In the case of OP’s girlfriend, she was determined not to tell him about her exchanges with her ex because she didn’t want it to damage their relationship. However, this still bred seeds of doubt on OP’s part. Would OP have still been better off not knowing, or was it healthier for their relationship if his partner told him about it?

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