Man Who Lost His Hair to Cancer Is Surprised to See His Friends Shaved Theirs to Support Him

When a young man battled cancer, he lost all of his hair due to chemotherapy. His friends shaved their heads in solidarity and revealed the surprise in an emotional video. 

In September, a 22-year-old university student battling cancer got a heartwarming surprise when his friends visited him. The young man from Tampa, Florida, had just returned from the hospital. He had been in the facility since June.

The health battle was tough, but Aaron Scott’s unwavering support system helped him every step of the way. His family and closest friends never left his side and showed him love and care.  

A man with cancer is surprised when his friends shave their heads to show their support | Photo: TikTok/ashtonpresleys


Scott’s dearest friends, Matt, Kam, and Chris, met at the University of Central Florida. The group became close and shared in each other’s victories and challenges. They decided to do something special for Scott.

The group arrived at his house wearing yellow t-shirts with the word “BELIEVE” printed on them. This was a nod to Scott’s favorite show, which he loved to binge-watch. They also had bracelets made with the same word on them.

A man with cancer embraces his friends after they shave their heads to show their support | Photo: TikTok/ashtonpresleys


Their message was simple, they encouraged him and everyone else to keep believing that he would make a full recovery. The group also did something else that left their friend speechless and emotional.

All of them shaved their heads to show him that he was not battling the sickness alone. As soon as Scott realized what they had done, he quickly pulled the hat off his own head. 

A man with cancer quickly removed his hat after seeing his friends’ shaved heads | Photo: TikTok/ashtonpresleys


The friends also visited him at the hospital as much as possible and showcased true loyalty and love. The group was devastated and angry when they found out about Scott’s cancer diagnosis. 

“Aaron is such a healthy person, and taking care of himself was something he was always really passionate about before his diagnosis, so when we found out that he had cancer, we couldn’t believe it.”

They felt it was unfair for someone as good-hearted as Scott to be battling such a debilitating illness. The friend added

“He’s the strongest guy we know, and he will come back from this.”

The friends were happy to see just how much their gesture meant to Scott. They noticed his joy and were glad he knew they were still there for him.

Netizens react to a group of friends that shaved their heads to support their friend with cancer | Photo: TikTok/ashtonpresleys

The memorable moment was recorded by Scott’s sister Ashton Presley. She shared: “It felt nice for him to be able to just chill and hang with his buddies like the old days.”

The kindness also touched netizens, and one user wrote: “Great friends make everything better.” Scott can certainly agree with this and will never forget what his friends did to support him. 

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