Man Tries to Kidnap Little Girl by Inviting Her into Caravan but Kind Stranger Appears in Time

A boy approached her, and asked if she would like to have some cake and lollipops. Excited, she accepted the offer and followed the stranger to his caravan. Little did she know what was waiting for her inside the creepy trailer. 

A Reddit user named Violets_areblue opened up about a terrifying story from her childhood. She revealed living in a chaotic household where her parents’ marriage came to an end in a horrifying homicide incident. 

After losing her father, OP and her mother moved to Australia from South Korea. Living in a new city was challenging for OP (Original Poster) because she was a shy kid who didn’t make friends easily. 

Young OP didn’t know how to converse in English, so it took her time to make friends in the new city. To cheer her up, her mother planned a road trip towards the southern coast. OP explained what she felt about this trip:

“One of my scariest memories from when I was aged 12. at the time, it did not even occur to me just how close I came to potentially losing my life.”

Her mother stopped the car at a serene caravan park where they decided to book a caravan and spend some time amidst lush green trees. While OP’s mother took a nap, she stepped outside the trailer to explore the park.

Little OP spotted a game room with a pool table. She darted for the room because she could see it was empty, which meant she could have the table to herself. She practiced some moves until another boy entered the room.

The long wait was over when a tall, shirtless man emerged from the caravan

OP could sense the awkwardness in the air after the young boy stepped inside. At first, both of them felt shy and didn’t play any games. However, after a few minutes, the boy started a conversation and asked OP if she would like to visit his caravan. 

At first, OP wasn’t interested in visiting his caravan, so she refused. The boy didn’t mind, so they continued chatting and explored the caravan park. Once OP felt comfortable with the boy, he asked if she liked cakes and lollipops.

“Of course!” replied OP in an exciting tone. The boy asked her to come with him to his caravan where his parents were waiting for them. OP agreed and followed the young boy to his old trailer. She explained:

“I followed him to his caravan, which was much older than ours, and quite dilapidated. He asked me to wait outside while he talked to his parents.”

The long wait was over when a tall, shirtless man emerged from the caravan and asked OP to step inside if she wanted to have some cake. 

The little girl felt scared but couldn’t refuse the man’s invitation because she thought it would be rude. As she walked inside the caravan, another man screamed behind her:

“Hey! What’s going on here?”

The man inside the caravan quickly grabbed OP from her collar and dragged her inside. As he was about to lock the door, someone opened it from outside. 

The stranger held OP’s hand, pulled her outside the dark trailer, and ran away. Once the creepy caravan was out of sight, he asked OP about her trailer. She explained:

“We went inside and my mum yelled at him asking why he was there. I was hiding in the corner crying while he explained what happened.”

OP remembered her mother hurriedly packed their stuff and left the caravan park because she got too scared thinking about what might have happened if the stranger didn’t intervene at the right time. 

She confessed that the incident affected her so immensely that she had to take anxiety medication. Her mother also avoided talking about this incident again.

Other users were shocked to read the post and were concerned about the other kid who came to take OP to his caravan. They believed he was also in trouble, and the stranger who saved her should have called the cops on the creepy man. 

One user also highlighted that OP’s mother avoids talking about this incident because she feels guilty about letting her wander in the park alone. 

Most users were glad the stranger intervened to save OP. If you liked reading this article, you might like this one about a woman who saw her husband kissing her son after installing a hidden camera in the house. 

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