Man Takes DNA Paternity Test after Friend Tips Him about Fiancée’s Infidelity

A man turned to Reddit to seek advice from other users after his fianceé’s friend told him about her infidelity. He decided to take a paternity test to clear his suspicions. 

The man was shocked to hear what his fianceé’s friend told him because he believed his 5-year relationship was unbreakable. He never expected his fianceé to cheat on him.

To get a clear picture, the man decided to take a paternity DNA test to determine if he was the father of their one-year-old daughter. He shared the results with other Reddit users.

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When his fianceé, Sarah, discovered she was pregnant, she immediately confided in her friend about her suspicions. She believed OP (Original Poster) was not the father. OP explained:

“Sarah confessed to her shortly after finding out she was pregnant that it might not be mine because at the time she had been sleeping with one other guy.”

Sarah’s friend told OP this because he was getting married soon and she believed he should know about it. However, OP found the news hard to believe.

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“Everything she said contradicted the person I knew for 5 years, faithful, honest, and loving,” wrote OP. He tried to ignore what the woman said, but he failed. 

OP decided to post his story on Reddit because he felt clueless.

Eventually, OP opted to take a paternity test to clear his suspicions. He remembered his fiancée suddenly got pregnant, and the news shocked him since they weren’t planning to have a child.

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OP was heartbroken when the results of the paternity test came because he wasn’t the father. He loved his daughter a lot, and knowing he wasn’t her father broke him to pieces. He explained:

“I’m still coming to terms to the news.”

OP found out about his fianceé’s infidelity two weeks before their wedding when everything was paid for, and all of their family members were ready to attend.

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OP decided to post his story on Reddit because he felt clueless. He didn’t know what to do next because he felt terrible about raising someone else’s child for the past year. He added:

“I’m about to marry a woman who I can’t bring myself to look at anymore, I’m at a loss.”

Another Reddit user read the story and found it difficult to believe how OP’s fianceé hid everything from him. The user advised him to cancel his wedding and not worry about the money because otherwise, he would have to spend more money hiring divorce lawyers in the future. 

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Glen_SK replied to the comment telling OP to cancel his wedding too. He told him to tell his family and friends the truth about his wife and assured him that he had nothing to be ashamed of. 

The user further advised OP not to start his marriage based on a lie. He predicted that his fianceé’s family would ask him to take another DNA test for confirmation and suggested that OP end the relationship if the second test also confirms he isn’t the father. He added:

“Sorry you got this slap in the face, years from now you’ll likely see it as a blessing.”

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OP read the comments and updated his post. He revealed that he was waiting for the results of the second paternity test to decide if would push through with marrying his fianceé or not.

Most users told OP not to marry his fianceé because they believed it was wicked of her to hide the truth from him. They assured him he would find someone better than her.

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Would you confront your fianceé after getting the paternity test results if you were OP?

OP didn’t talk to his fianceé about the paternity test results. Some people might think he should have spoken to her when her friend told her about the infidelity. However, other people might agree he was doing the right thing by waiting for the second paternity test results before making his next move.

Should OP marry his fianceé?

OP was waiting for the paternity test results to decide if he would marry his fiancée. He also didn’t want to leave his family because he loved his daughter. Some people might agree with his decision of not leaving his daughter because she would have to live without her father in the future. However, some people might agree that OP should leave the woman because she manipulated him into thinking the girl was his daughter. 

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