Man Spots Unconscious Woman Driving on the Highway and Crashes His Car to Stop Hers

Some run away when faced with a frightening situation; some freeze up. Then, there are those heroes who run towards the fire, just like one man from the Netherlands, even putting their own lives at risk to save another.

Many of us have become so used to driving that we can forget how dangerous it can be if not done safely, also ignoring the repercussions of the long-lasting effects of an accident.  

This ranges from damaging one’s car, too, in worse case scenarios, sustaining a lifelong injury. Henry Temmermans, from the Netherlands, risked the possibility of hurting himself permanently in an attempt to save another driver on the A28 highway. 

Henry Temmermans. │Source: Nunspeet

While cruising along the highway, Temmermans noticed a vehicle driving erratically on the grass next to the freeway. Looking into the car, he noticed that the driver was slumped over. Speaking to the local news, he said

“What I saw was not good. It was clear that the lady was no longer conscious.”

Realizing that his fellow driver was in danger and that the guardrail up ahead would not bring her car to a halt, he drove in front of her. Temmermans then slowed down as she crashed into his back bumper.

Dashcam records driver driving on the grass on the side of a highway. │Source: Nunspeet

That being said, neither the hero nor the anonymous driver he rescued came out unscathed by the terrifying incident. The woman was left with five broken ribs, and Temmermans’ car was entirely written off.

Individuals online have hailed him as a hero for not only saving the lady in the car but possibly other drivers in the vicinity. Responding to this, he said

“People say on social media that they are proud of me, call me a hero. But I don’t see myself that way. You are obliged to help people in need.”

Locally, this courageous and quick-thinking man has also been recognized, with local authorities inviting him to the town hall to honor him. Family members of the woman he saved also reached out to express their deep gratitude.

Debby Neal-Strickland Marthe and Mylaen Anderson-Merthe.│Source:

Temmermans speedy approach to rescuing another is honorable. Yet, there are other, more thought out, just as courageous ways, people choose to save their fellow human beings’ lives.

She checked herself into the hospital two days after her wedding to donate her kidney to her new husband’s ex-wife.

The two women have since referred to one another as “Kidney Sisters” and have matching bracelets that have the transplant date engraved onto them.

From unconscious strangers in cars to the woman our husband used to be married to, it appears that our human instinct to help or save those in need doesn’t discriminate. 

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