Man Sees His Rich Cousin Alongside a Woman Who Is Not His Wife and Decides to Follow Them

A man saw his rich cousin holding an unknown woman’s arm while strolling with her. He saw this as an opportunity to take revenge and followed them for five hours. 

The man posted his story on Reddit, revealing how he took his revenge. He also shared what happened in the past that made him resent his cousin. 

His plan didn’t turn out as he thought, but it still did the job. He took photos of his cousin with the unknown girl while following them on the streets. 

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The Redditor with the username whydoyoureadnames shared his personal story because he believed he was living his best life after taking revenge.

He shared that his family always compared him to his cousins, who had stable careers and were doing great financially. They looked down on him because he worked at a café part-time while earning a passive income through some business decisions.

He believed he had enough money to live the life he wanted. However, his family thought he could do more in life. They thought he wasn’t pushing himself to achieve more in life. 

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OP’s (Original Poster’s) family always compared him to his rich cousin, Randy. He described him as, “The stereotypical dude bro who got rich thanks to working for his dad, multiply that by ten.”

OP kept the photos with him and waited for the right time to take revenge.

Randy never spoke politely to OP and constantly criticized him. As a result, OP resented him and “tuned him out” of his life. He never talked to him until he saw him strolling with an unknown woman one day. 

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OP revealed that Randy was married and had two children, so he was surprised to see him holding another woman’s arm. He followed the couple to see what they were up to. He explained:

“I followed them for five hours, snapped several photos, one of them going into a hotel together.”

He came to the conclusion that the unknown woman was Randy’s mistress. Upon checking Randy’s Facebook profile, he discovered he had posted about being on a business trip while spending time with the woman.

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OP kept the photos he took and waited for the right time to take his revenge. Six months later, he decided to show the pictures to Randy’s family during their Christmas dinner, making sure Randy’s wife saw them.

Randy’s father was furious at OP. He created a scene, shouted at OP,  and even gave him a black eye. He also called the police on him and his girlfriend.

OP and his girlfriend went home after talking to the police. OP’s plan didn’t work out as expected, because besides Randy’s wife and his cousin who hated Randy, his entire family cut ties with him after the incident.

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He later discovered that Randy got divorced and lost custody of his kids. And while his family still tries to make him feel guilty about ruining Randy’s marriage, OP doesn’t care. 

He also shared that he married his girlfriend, which was the last time he contacted his family. He was just glad to be living his best life after taking his revenge. 

Puppet007 wondered why Randy’s family took his side despite knowing he was cheating on his wife. OP replied that his family was willing to forgive whenever it was Randy involved because he was their “golden boy”, but they wouldn’t be as forgiving if it was somebody else.

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Another Reddit user named popemichael credited OP for improving the lives of Randy’s ex-wife and kids while executing his revenge plan. The user wrote:

“Now they can move on and live their best lives because you bravely told them the truth.”

ZenithBeats211 felt happy for OP and told him, “Having a rich family doesn’t mean it’s a good family.” OP agreed to the comment and said he never realized how toxic everything was.

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InkedFrog believed living happily is great revenge because people who hate you don’t like seeing you live a content life. Another user wrote the same comment. 

Most users supported OP and told him he did the right thing. They felt happy for him for taking revenge in the best possible way. 

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Would you wait for six months to show the photos to everyone if you were OP?

OP waited for Christmas to show the photos to Randy’s family. Do you think he would have made a more significant impact if he immediately showed the photos to Randy’s family after he took them? 

Do you think OP should have shown the photos to Randy’s wife only?

OP decided to show the photos to everyone because he wanted to humiliate Randy in front of his family. Some people might think he should have shown the pictures to his wife only, allowing her to proceed further. His family might not have taken Randy’s side if his wife had shown the photos to them instead of OP. 

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