Man Saves Choking Boy’s Life on the Road, Boy’s Mother Believes He’s an ‘Angel in a Pickup’

The mother of a nine-year-old boy feared the worst after he started choking on a piece of hard candy. However, an “angel in a pickup” was on hand to save the day. 

Sometimes in life, people are faced with situations they seemingly cannot get out of. At such times, it is forgivable if such a person gives up.

However, humans have a knack for never saying never and continuing to try when dire situations arise. In such cases, they may eventually succeed after trying so hard or be saved by an angel. 

Candace Pimentel and her son, Raylen [left] Raylen holding his favorite toy [right] | Photo:

For the mother of a nine-year-old boy, an angel in human form turned out to be the savior after she found herself battling to save her son’s life. Find out what happened. 

A woman named Candace Pimentel and her two sons, Raylen and Grayson, were returning home from the church. She was behind the wheels of their vehicle when Raylen choked while sipping his juice. 

The boy had a hard candy piece in his throat, and it was causing him so much discomfort. His mother was quickly thrown into panic mode. 

Just as every mother would, Pimentel sought ways to save her son. She attempted the Heimlich Maneuver, but her efforts yielded no results. 

Pimentel held Raylen’s abdomen with one hand and used the other to wave at drivers passing by in a desperate attempt to find help.

Meanwhile, her older son, Grayson, was also in panic mode and could not dial 911 correctly. So instead of dialing the emergency number, the shocked lad dialed 119 twice, much to his amazement.

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Just when Pimentel and Grayson might have thought things could get much worse, an angel arrived to save the day. A stranger in a pickup truck pulled up by the troubled family and helped them. 

He performed the Heimlich Maneuver successfully, and Raylen started breathing well again. Then, the man hugged the terrified Raylen and told him he loved him. Also, he hugged Pimentel, who was petrified at that point, and comforted her. 

While narrating the incident to reporters, Pimentel said she feels like God sent an angel to help her. Raylen shared similar sentiments. He agreed God sent an angel to save him and probably has a purpose for him on earth. 

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Pimentel and Raylen could not get the stranger’s name, but they were full of gratitude to him for saving the day. The grateful mom also encouraged people to be angels to each other. 

She said it did not necessarily have to be a life-saving act but could also be a simple smile to a stranger. Pimentel also expressed gratitude to the stranger in a Facebook post she made. 

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She shared a picture of herself and Raylen and wrote how the latter choked on his candy while she was driving. Pimentel added:

“Between pulling off the road, attempts to dislodge the object, yelling for my other son to call 911, flagging people down, my heart was breaking – then Heavenly Father sent me an angel in a pickup truck[…].”

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Pimentel concluded her post by saying she would always be grateful for the stranger and God, who sent him, for Raylen’s life. There is no doubt she will. 

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