Man Receives Lottery Ticket with His Get-Well Card after Heart Surgery, Wins $1 Million

After a man underwent heart surgery, he was handed a lottery ticket in one of his get-well-soon cards. He was stunned when the ticket won him $1 million.

Alexander McLeish recently faced double-bypass heart surgery. He didn’t think much of the card his childhood friend, Larry, brought to wish him well. However, the card would change his life forever.

Inside were three instant lottery tickets. One of the tickets made him a million dollars richer. McLeish couldn’t believe it and quadruple-checked it before telling people the news. 

A man won the lottery shortly after having heart surgery and the word “heart” helped him win | Photo: Facebook/MAStateLottery

McLeish said: “It was a little bit of disbelief at first, but then it settled in, and it was like wow, I can’t believe this happened, you know?” The lucky man played the “$5,000,000 100X Cashword” and scratched off 11 words.

He used his initials on the crossword as well as another profound word considering his surgery. He scratched the word “heart.” When his wife asked if he had won anything from the tickets, he replied: “Yeah, a million bucks.” 

His wife didn’t believe him, and then a laughing McLeish told her he wasn’t joking. Telling his friend was an exciting moment. Larry inquired about the tickets, and McLeish told him he won big.

The friend assumed he had lucked out on a few thousand dollars. However, he was stunned to hear McLeish had won $1 million. Larry had sent his friend lottery tickets in the past, and they won him $1,000. 

When he purchased his friend tickets again, he went back to the “lucky store” in Carver, Massachusetts. McLeish had big plans going forward. He sent some money to his kids and then upgraded his vacation trip.

He had already booked a trip to the Bahamas before winning the money. However, now he could enjoy a more “enhanced” experience. The man is still deciding what he will spend the rest of the money on. 

Netizens respond to man who won the lottery after heart surgery | Photo: Facebook/Nick Beres NC5

Netizens were happy for McLeish and the winnings he received shortly after his scary surgery. One commenter wrote: “Congratulations. I hope you are feeling better after surgery. It was meant to be. Enjoy your winnings.”

Another added: “Wow, that’s awesome, and praying for a quick recovery on your heart surgery!” People also wondered whether he would give his friend a portion of the winnings. 

Netizens respond to man who won the lottery after heart surgery | Photo: Facebook/MAStateLottery

Someone said: “I’m sure he will give some money to his friend! I need some of that luck!!!” Others praised the friends, and one netizen expressed: “You have a good friend who cares about you.”

Now, McLeish can recover from the surgery without any financial stress. The lottery winnings will undoubtedly make December a joyful month for the man and his family.

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