Man Received Letter from 16-Year-Old Claiming to Be His Son, So They Took a DNA Test

When the man received a letter from a 16-year-old boy claiming to be his son, his past life flashed before his eyes, and he decided to take a DNA test with him. The test results shook the man and the teenage boy’s mother.

After seeing the results, the man decided to share his story on Reddit because many people around him thought he had done the wrong thing. 

The 40-year-old man wanted to see how strangers on the internet would react to his post. Some users said he wasn’t at fault, while others felt bad for the teenager. 

The man revealed he was a “wild child” when he was 18 because he loved going out with random girls. He used to date a girl and then leave her to find the next one. He explained:

“I was dealing with lots of damage, to the point where I dont even remember most of those years.”

He told his wife about everything he did in the past, and she still decided to marry him. He believes his wife is one of the reasons why his mental health has improved significantly.

The man believed he had many children out there who didn’t know he was their birth father since he had dated so many women when he was young. 

He asked the boy to meet him outside his town where they could chat and take the DNA test.

To be on the safe side, OP’s (Original Poster’s) wife saved money just in case they have to pay for child support in the future. The man also revealed that they decided not to have kids since they didn’t want any. 

One day, the man received a letter from a boy who claimed to be his son. The 16-year-old boy said his mother was OP’s old classmate, and she had told him about OP. 

He added that his mother didn’t want to “cause trouble,” so she never contacted OP. On the other hand, the boy kept searching for OP on the internet until he found him. 

Even after finding OP’s contact details, the boy didn’t dare to message him. It took him a long time to make up his mind and contact OP.

OP wasn’t sure if the boy was telling the truth, and the only way to confirm his claims was by taking a DNA test. He asked the boy to meet him outside his town to chat and take the DNA test. He explained:

“We met after the kit got here, he did the spit thing, gave it back, and we sat, talked, had lunch, and drove back home.”

OP got the results after he reached home. To his surprise, the results suggested the boy wasn’t his son, so he sent a copy of the test results to him and gently apologized.

When the boy read OP’s message, he broke down. He wasn’t ready to accept the DNA test results because he idolized OP and always thought he was his biological father. OP explained:

“He begged to have a relationship, but I’m not entirely interested in building one with a random child. I apologized again, but left it at that.”

After OP turned the boy down, his mother contacted him, saying she was sure OP was her child’s father. She also begged him to accept the child because he felt devastated.

OP apologized to the woman and told her he couldn’t build a relationship with her son since he wasn’t “dad material.” When he told his friends and family about the incident, their reactions surprised him. OP explained:

“Some say its fine, others say it was cruel to abandon a kid who spent his entire life believing he was mine.”

After hearing what people around him said, he decided to post his story on Reddit to ask other users if he was at fault. A user named SlytherClaw3 replied that OP was right in not wanting to be a part of that child’s life since he wasn’t his son. However, the user also felt terrible for the child. 

inappropriatefemale believed the child’s mother was at fault because she lied to him. Another user agreed to her comment, saying the woman shouldn’t have allowed her child to contact OP.

Most users agreed OP was not at fault. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a wealthy dentist who realized his life was ruined at 42 and advised other people not to repeat his mistakes. 

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