Man Notices Wife Disappearing to the Attic at Night, Next Day Finds Old Woman and Kid There – Story of the Day

When Abram and Zara moved in together, she told him that the attic was now her walk-in closet. Abram didn’t think anything of it until he caught her going up there in the middle of the night. After investigating, he discovered two people living there and was shocked by his wife’s explanation.

Zara started dating Abram when she moved to Colorado Springs for a new job. Back then, he lived with his parents despite having a tech job with a six-figure salary. He just never saw the point in moving out until Zara asked him to live with her in the new house. They got married shortly afterward, and Abram thought everything was alright.

However, one night, something woke him up. He was disoriented for a second in their dark bedroom until he realized that Zara was not in bed anymore. The movement must have shaken him and woke him. He went into the hallway without turning any lights on and noticed the door at the end of the hall was open, and a light was coming from upstairs.

When they first moved in together, Abram was amazed at the size of Zara’s home. It had four bedrooms, a spacious living room with an open-concept kitchen, a three-car garage, and more. But it was only one story. However, he discovered a hall with a staircase leading up to the attic. After asking her, Zara revealed that she had converted the big loft into her walk-in closet.

Zara made a lot of money just like him and loved clothes. He had no reason to be concerned… until now. What could she possibly be doing up there at this time of night? Abram wondered, raising his arm to look at his smartwatch and realizing it was 3:15 a.m. But he decided to go back to bed.

His last thought before falling back asleep was that Zara might be having insomnia and was arranging stuff out there. However, the same thing happened a few nights later. Abram was a heavy sleeper so he thought maybe she went up there every night, but never noticed.  But after the third time he caught her sneaking out of her room, he go curious. Therefore, he stayed back one morning for a purpose: to see what’s in that attic. 

“Aren’t you going to work today, darling?” his wife asked, arranging her work jacket and grabbing her laptop case from the couch.

“No, babe. I have the morning off because they’re doing some maintenance work at the office. I might just work from home all day,” he replied from the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee to continue acting nonchalant.

“Ah… ok. Well, I’ll see you tonight,” Zara said with a genuine smile then approached him and kissed him on the cheek. Then she was out for the day.

She didn’t seem nervous at all. Maybe I’m being crazy, Abram thought once he heard her car pull away from their driveway. But he was still curious about her supposed closet. He finished his coffee and walked towards the door and opened it. There was no sound coming from upstairs, so he started climbing.

He was surprised to see a bunch of racks with Zara’s clothes. She told me the truth. It is her closet, Abram thought, feeling silly that he had suspected his wife in the first place. But he still walked around her space, smiling at everything she had added here. There was a vanity chair with a mirror where she kept some of her beauty products and make-up.

Then he noticed a thick curtain on the wall. Abram frowned at it, thinking its placement was weird. It didn’t seem to be covering a window, so he approached and opened it. Surprisingly, it led to another entirely different area. It was a bedroom. There was a queen-sized bed, a dresser, and two bedside tables. But what shocked him the most was further back into this secret space.

There was a medical bed, and a tiny boy was lying on it. Abram’s eyes flared as he noticed all kinds of hospital equipment around the boy. He appeared to be suffering from some condition. He didn’t have time to dwell on this as an older woman exited what he could only guess was a bathroom and looked at the boy.

“Simon, what would you like to read today? We can’t go outside, but it’ll be fun to stay inside. Or we can watch something on Netflix. What do you think?” the older woman said kindly and sat down on a chair next to the medical bed. But the boy had noticed Abram and tried to point at him.

The older woman turned around to see what the boy was looking at and jumped after seeing Abram. “AHH!” she shrieked, holding her chest. Abram only looked at both of them with his eyes wide open, not knowing what to do.

“What are you doing up here?” the older woman asked after she got over her fear. She knew who he was, and Abram almost felt terrible about trespassing in her space. 

“What am I doing here? This is my house? Who are you?” Abram asked, raising his hand in consternation.

“Oh, dear. I told Zara that you needed to know, but she is stubborn,” the lady began, sitting back down. “You better sit down with us because it’s a long story.”

Abram went to another chair in the room and sat down facing the older woman. “I don’t understand what’s happening. You live up here and never come out?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in confusion.

“My name is Valentine. I’m Zara’s mother, and this is Simon, her son,” the older lady said, grabbing the boy’s hand tenderly and smiling. Then Valentine told him everything. She revealed that Simon’s father had left them when the doctors revealed that the boy had cerebral palsy. Zara went into a deep depression, and Valentine had to move in to take care of both of them.

But Zara recovered and started working like crazy to provide for Simon’s every need. However, her personal life took a huge hit. Most men disappeared when they found out she lived with her mother and a kid with a disability. Therefore, when she was offered a promotion that required her to move to Colorado Springs, Zara designed this room and asked them to stay here when she brought men over.

They used to live downstairs normally, but that changed when Abram decided to move in. “When you proposed, Zara begged me to do this for her. She loves you so much, but she has been suffering since her husband abandoned her. I didn’t know what else to do, so I agreed in the end. I hope you can understand her a little bit,” Valentine finished and looked at him sympathetically.

“This is inhumane. You’re her family! How can she keep you locked up in here?” Abram questioned, opening his hands and gesturing at the room.

“She doesn’t. We are not locked up. You came up here easily. We go down all the time, take strolls, and stuff. We just have to return before you get home,” Valentine shrugged. “It’s weird, but you don’t understand how happy Zara has been since she married you. We’ve been talking about telling you the truth. But she was still so afraid. Please, believe me. She’s not a bad person.”

“I don’t know what to do with Zara,” Abram began, resting his hands on his knees and heaving up from the chair. “But for now, we are moving you both downstairs and restoring your rooms.”

It took hours, but Valentine was still strong enough to help him out. They placed her things in one of the spare rooms and Simon’s equipment in another. Abram rolled Simon’s chair out and left him watching Netflix in the living room while Valentine started making dinner.

When Zara got home, she spotted the three of them together at the dining table, enjoying the older woman’s food. “Mother… what?” she said with raised eyebrows and fearful eyes. “Abram… I…”

“Grab a plate and sit down. We’ll talk about it after dinner,” he said sternly to his wife, who walked further into the kitchen, still afraid of what was going on. Then Abram smiled at her to reassure her. He wasn’t going to run away, but they were going to have a serious talk later.

After dinner, Valentine took Simon to his room, and Abram went into his bedroom with Zara. “I don’t know where to begin,” she started after closing the door.

Abram sighed. “Your mother already told me everything. I think we need to go to couple’s therapy so that we can talk about it. You can address why you felt the need to hide your own family from me. I think it will help you,” he replied, sitting on their bed. Zara sat down next to him, nodding her head.

“Ok, I’ll go. Yeah,” she agreed, continuing to nod in earnest.

“But I need you to promise me something,” Abram stated, raising a finger in the air. “Never lie to me again about anything.” Zara started crying and hugged her husband. He returned the hug, comforting her.

If she had shown up earlier in the day, he might have shouted and called her names, it might have been a huge fight. But after several hours with Valentine and Simon, Abram had calmed down and decided to work things out with a professional.

“I’ll never lie again, I swear. I swear!” Zara promised, still hugging and crying on his shoulder. Luckily, they got through things together after seeking the help of a therapist. They talked about Zara’s fear of abandonment, and Abram spoke about his anger at discovering her lie. But they loved each other, so it all worked out in the end. 

Moreover, Abram treated Simon and Valentine as family from the beginning, and Zara couldn’t believe her luck.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Never lie to your spouse. A relationship can only work when both parties are honest with each other. Luckily, Abram and Zara went to couple’s therapy and got through their issues together.
  • Hiding your family is never an option. Some men might not have been ok after discovering Zara’s hidden family in their house. She got lucky. But it’s the kind of situation that could end a marriage.

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