Man Kicked Out Daughter after Her Behavior “Crossed the Line”

A Redditor rushed home after getting a disturbing call regarding his daughter. He punished her and hoped it would put her on track. He checked the footage the following day and kicked her out for crossing her line while he was away. 

After his wife’s tragic passing, Redditor ProfessionalSandal decided not to remarry. He raised three beautiful kids, son Eric, daughter Eva, and a gender-neutral third child named Charlie. He felt he wasn’t a perfect father but never compromised with their upbringing.

He’s wanted his kids to grow up learning good values. However, putting Eva on the track was challenging. She’d always exhibited undisciplined behavior. Her attitude never changed despite time and her dad’s efforts.

The Original Poster (OP) never gave up on mending her ways. He’d tried everything from dad-and-daughter talks to therapy. But nothing worked. Eva was 20, and she stayed with them. All was fine until the OP got a disturbing call from his son. He explained:

“Now I was out getting dinner with an old high school buddy of mine when I got a panicked call from my son who had been at my house hanging out with his siblings.”

Eric told him about the heated argument he had with Eva. Charlie had supported Eric, and Eva hadn’t taken this lightly. In a fit of rage, she’d insulted Charlie, mentioning his gender. The OP was furious and stormed home.

He sternly told Eva that he didn’t care about the core of the argument, and she wasn’t allowed to insult her brothers like that. Both of them started arguing. The OP added:

“I soon shut it down when I realized it wasn’t gonna help. I forced her to apologize and took away her car privileges until she could learn to respect her siblings.”

He trusted his decision and assumed it was over. He thought Eva would rectify her mistakes and learn to behave appropriately. However, she had an upsetting surprise for him the following day.

The OP returned home after his work and found a mess of shredded paper. After a closer look, he realized those weren’t any ordinary papers but the letters his wife had written to him.

Some people questioned the OP if his daughter was aware of the cameras he’d installed in their house.

He was enraged with Eva for destroying an invaluable memory of his wife. The OP confirmed his daughter did it from the footage on the cameras in his house. He decided it was time to teach her a lesson and stormed to her room.

He asked Eva to get out. She looked pleased and thought she would get away with it. He yelled at her, saying: “get the [expletive] out of my house.” Eva realized he meant it and wasn’t kidding around.

She cried and shouted back at him. The OP was numbed as she left with her friend. He regretted it later and began questioning his decision. He turned to a Reddit forum for advice. After reading his post, user ReceptionPuzzled1579 commented:

“I applaud you for this, but please note that letting her off the hook easily for what is extremely malicious actions will not help her growth.”

Redditor pudge-thefish sided with the OP, saying Eva was free to find her way if she didn’t want to rectify herself. The person condemned her for destroying a part of her late mother’s memory her dad cherished. The OP responded to the person saying:

“I couldn’t believe it myself when I first realized it. I thought it was a joke, but I believe she possibly might be going through mental health issues more recently that she possibly doesn’t want to talk to me about.”

Some people questioned the OP if his daughter was aware of the cameras he’d installed in their house. They felt there was more to the story.  

The OP responded, claiming he’d installed the cameras to ensure his dog was okay when nobody was around. He said Eva knew about the cameras as she’d seen him installing them.

He said she’d even looked at one of the cameras while shredding the first letter. He suspected if this was Eva’s emotional resentment to leave him. He finished up saying he’d lost as a father despite trying to mend her ways.

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