Man Got Paternity DNA Test Done on Child behind His Wife’s Back

A woman took it to Reddit after discovering that her husband took a paternity test behind her back soon after the birth of their first child. She confronted him and realized what was going on in his mind.

When the woman shared her story on Reddit, other users flooded her post with comments that changed her perception. She had started to look at the situation from a different angle. 

The Redditor shared how she got to know about the test and what her husband said when she confronted him. Her post sparked a debate about whether her husband was right in taking the paternity test.

The woman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy the year after she married her husband. One day, she was doing the laundry when she opened her husband’s bag.

She believed the bag needed a wash, so she quickly emptied it before tossing it in the washing machine. To her surprise, a paternity test booklet dropped out of the bag.

OP (Original Poster) confessed that spotting the booklet made her feel “betrayed and distrusted.” Later that day, she confronted her husband about the paternity test. 

He said he wanted to know their son’s paternity, but that wasn’t because he didn’t trust OP. He said that most couples trust each other, but there is still a “big percentage of cheating.”

After confronting him, OP asked him to show her the results.

OP’s husband told her that he wasn’t doubting her loyalty or accusing her of cheating. He explained that he knew their baby belonged to him, but he wanted to take the paternity test to be 100% sure about it. 

The woman believed her husband shouldn’t have doubted her because she had always been faithful to him. She also mentioned that her husband had never felt jealous and felt he had no reason to doubt her. She explained:

“We even moved to a new area right after marriage, so I don’t have friends to go out on my own.”

When OP asked her husband why he hid the paternity test from her, he replied she would have gotten mad at him if she had known about it. OP later confessed that her husband was right about that. 

After confronting him, OP asked him to show her the results. Since she hadn’t cheated on her husband, the results said their son belonged to the man. Still, OP felt upset because her husband took the test behind her back. She explained:

“It is worse that he did it behind my back than the fact that he did it at all.”

Other Redditors believed that OP’s husband had the right to know his child’s paternity, so they supported him. They felt OP shouldn’t get upset about it.

Another Redditor with the username aetius476 replied that reading OP’s post made her wonder how people can be confident about knowing something when they have seen others being wrong about the same thing they believed was right.

The Redditor stated that this question isn’t only limited to a child’s paternity. It also goes for domestic violence, divorce, stealing, and other similar situations. 

A similar debate sparked on Quora when a user asked other people how they would react if they discovered their husband did a paternity test behind their back. 

Another user named Jo Burnett replied that husbands deserve to know who is the father of their child. He said that if they want to go for a paternity test, then wives shouldn’t take offense about that. 

A Quora user named Jade Welch admitted that as a wife, she would feel upset if her husband did a paternity test behind her back, but she also confessed that she would understand his concerns. She agreed that it isn’t easy to trust someone blindly.

After reading the comments under her Reddit post, OP updated it, saying she had decided to forgive her husband. She explained:

“While I am hurt, I think it is a human mistake to make”

Another Redditor pointed out that her husband must have experienced something in the past which made him doubt her loyalty. Reading this comment made OP realize that her husband had an ex who cheated on him, which might be why he took the paternity test.

Most users agreed that OP’s husband didn’t do anything wrong. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a woman who planned to hide her siblings’ true paternity to inherit everything from her father. 

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