Man Gets Fired after Telling His Boss’s Crying Toddler to Shut Up

A man’s bold steps landed him in deep trouble after messing up with his lady boss and her 4-year-old daughter while everyone watched in awe. 

A female boss who was left with no choice but to bring her toddler to her workplace was overwhelmingly backed up by the internet for firing a male employee.

In a post on Reddit’s interestingly popular subreddit where people share situations to receive judgment, user ManVsDino explained the unexpected circumstances behind her staff’s firing. 

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The Original Poster (OP) co-owns a business with two friends from college, Mike and Eric. She also co-parents a 4-year-old daughter with Mike.

The woman landed in a tight spot when Mike had a minor car accident while Eric was out of town. Her nanny was on vacation, and with nobody to tend to her toddler, OP thought it was best to take care of her child while trying to run their business.

Mike’s accident urged her to take the lead on an important project he was working on. OP went to the office to take over the project with her daughter. However, it didn’t prove very easy, to say the least.

OP rushed to her office with her baby | Photo: Unsplash

The toddler was seemingly upset due to her father’s accident, so convincing the girl to get into the car was quite challenging. 

However, OP managed to put the girl in the car in whatever outfit she was wearing. At that point, the mother just wanted to go to the office, gather all the stuff she needed, and head home where she intended to work while babysitting.

But it was easier said than done as her child bawled the entire way. OP calmed the girl down, but the situation became worse once they reached the office.

OP’s daughter threw a tantrum in her office | Photo: Unsplash

OP met Adam, their VP for operations, and the two tried to assemble everything to be shifted to her home office. Just then, the toddler shrieked in tears because she left “Sara the dinosaur” in the car. The girl worried that Sara might have difficulty breathing and cried loudly. OP and Adam tried to comfort her but in vain. 

As the discussion heated up, OP claimed she’d never met this guy in person as her work didn’t require her to be in the office often. 

OP was already mortified and desperate to get her daughter home. However, the situation took a shocking twist when a staff of her company walked by.

An annoyed staff walked by while OP’s daughter bawled at the top of her voice | Photo: Pexels

Unaware of who he was talking to, he asked OP to shut her child up. The guy then went on to say that the place was an office and not a daycare.

The man didn’t stop there and lambasted OP and her child for being “too noisy” at his workplace. Adam tried to intervene, but the annoyed worker refused to back down. 

The guy told Adam he needed to get the two out of there, and OP was understandably furious. Adam revealed that OP was the boss, and he could do nothing. At this point, the disgruntled man returned to his desk after messing up with the wrong person. But he didn’t stop complaining. 

The worker asksed OP to shut her child up | Photo: Pexels

Meanwhile, Adam assured OP that he’d “handle it” and wished her good luck with her new project. He later fired the guy for misconduct because the situation hadn’t gotten any better after OP left. 

The guy got a taste of his own medicine and eventually lost his job over his “stereotypical” comments about women in business. 

Despite the extremity of the fallout, OP had no remorse about what had unfolded and posted her experience on Reddit, and the people on the forum had little to no sympathy for the worker’s plight.

The guy was fired for taking a dig at his boss with his stereotypical remarks | Photo: Pexels

“I’ve found that sometimes just talking to the kid directly can make a difference. Not ‘shut up,’ but something to distract them,” user compb13 said, adding:

“Child might get all shy and try to hide (and stop crying) – because they have no idea who you are…either way, yelling at somebody about a crying child is never going to help.”

As the discussion heated up, OP claimed she’d never met this guy in person as her work didn’t require her to be in the office often. 

“The man was rude, and to be honest, no matter who I was shouldn’t be telling a child to shut up,” she concluded.

OP amassed overwhelming support online | Photo: Unsplash

Do you think the guy intentionally had an altercation with OP despite knowing she was his boss?

Since OP claimed she barely works from the office, it’s unknown if this man genuinely wasn’t aware he picked a fight with his boss. Also, it is suspicious why he didn’t stay quiet despite Adam telling him that OP was the owner. Do you think the guy consciously sparked an altercation despite knowing it would cost him his job?

Do parents need to discipline their children from throwing tantrums in public places?

Some people on Reddit claimed they were taught to behave well as children and couldn’t believe OP’s claims of not having any choice but to bring her bawling infant into a workplace without training her to behave. If you were in the guy’s shoes, would you ignore the noisy situation, or will you ask the parent to discipline the child despite knowing you’d be fired for it?

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