Man Establishes Unlikely 20-Year Friendship with Woman Who Kept Calling Him with a Wrong Area Code

A wrong number call turned out to be a blessing for two people whose paths never would have crossed otherwise. One of them took to Facebook to recount their unlikely friendship journey.

Rhode Island man Mike Moffitt traveled thousands of miles across states to meet up with his phone pal of twenty years, Gladys. Their unusual friendship was established after an accidental phone call over two decades ago.

Moffitt took to Facebook to recount their friendship journey, which evolved from the moment the older woman dialed the wrong area code in an attempt to reach her daughter in Maryland.

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The woman kept dialing the area code 401 instead of 410, and a Rhode Island man kept answering at the other end. The wrong number turned out to be Moffitt’s. That continued for a while.

Finally, the 46-year-old man made up his mind to strike a real conversation with the woman and get to know her better since they had become frequent callers anyway.

The next time she called, he stopped her before she could hang up, requesting to know her name. And thus, they hit it off, speaking a couple of times each month for the next twenty years.

They became part of each other’s good and bad moments. During that time, they struck a deep friendship that could last a lifetime but never got to meet each other until last week.

With the help of Glady’s daughter, Moffitt planned a surprise trip to Florida to meet his precious phone pal, further solidifying their friendship. A day before Thanksgiving, he showed up at her doorstep, flowers in hand.

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Immediately the unsuspecting elderly woman threw the door open; Moffitt introduced himself as Mike from Rhode Island, enacting a priceless reaction from her. The man recalled:

“The first words out of her mouth were ‘I’m blessed!!’ There are incredible people in this world that are a wrong number phone call away.”

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Several Facebook users have reacted to the beautiful story, sharing excellent comments in honor of the unusual friendship. One comment read:

“Now this is a story that I have to say gives you a warm feeling inside. There are good people in this world. Good story with a positive vibe.”

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Many admired the friendship between the duo, wishing they could find their own “Mike Moffitt” somewhere in the future to add a touch of bliss into their lives. One wrote:

“Love everything about this. Thanks, Mike Moffitt, for your willingness to just be kind. It’s a true measure of what our purpose for life is. May God’s blessing be upon you always.”

While this was the two’s first time meeting up, it was not the first bouquet the elderly woman received from her pal, thirty years her junior.

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Following her husband’s death years ago, Moffitt was one of the first people she informed, and he did his bit by sending her a bouquet despite his inability to make it to the funeral.

The duo realized at that point that their friendship had become serious. Their bond only deepened over the years, resulting in a friendship many could only ever dream of.

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