Man Discovers Pages Are Missing from Late Aunt’s Will, Digs Deeper and Rushes to Notary

When a man opened his late aunt’s will, he discovered some pages were missing from it. Curious to find out who tore the pages, he rushed to the notary office and stumbled upon a shocking truth.

The truth came as a shock to him, but his relatives were even more surprised. He believed it served as revenge to them after what they had done in the past. 

He revealed that he was very close to his late aunt, and he grieved her death for a long time. However, when he discovered someone had messed with her will, he made sure to find out who was behind it. 

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Before jumping into the main story, the Redditor with the username TheAJProject shared that his family had a tough time during the past decade. 

His father divorced his mother and deprived her of wealth, after which his aunt was brutally murdered. He also revealed that his grandfather was diagnosed with cancer during the last decade. However, he believed these events had a positive effect on their family. He explained:

“Because of that, our bonds became stronger and stronger.”

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He also shared that his two aunts also passed away this year, leaving his family grieving. He was close to his late aunts but didn’t like the husband of one of them. 

He immediately realized something was not right, so he went back to the notary office after everyone left.

When his aunt’s husband died a few years back, OP (Original Poster) and his family discovered that he had left everything to his brother’s family. He didn’t leave anything for OP’s aunt, thinking her father was wealthy and must have left a lot for her. 

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After his aunt passed away, OP and his mother read the will at the notary office, expecting she would have left everything to them. But to their surprise, OP’s aunt only left a few things for them.

OP confessed he didn’t need the money since he earned a good amount from his job. However, he believed the money could have helped his mother financially. 

He also revealed that his mother stubbornly refused to take money from him, so he thought the inheritance money could help her. 

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While walking out of the notary office, OP approached his cousin and asked him for the little ceramic bell he had given his aunt before. He wanted to keep it as a memory of her. His cousin looked at him in surprise and said:

“Idk what I could do with that stupid bell, take it. But don’t expect us to give you anything more, we had to sweat bullets for this will to work!”

His cousin’s last sentence rang a bell in OP’s mind. He immediately realized something was not right, so he went back to the notary office after everyone left. He looked at the will again but found no loopholes, so he returned home. 

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It took him almost a week to realize what his cousin meant. When he reviewed the will again, he discovered some pages were missing from it. And upon looking at the handwriting, he saw some parts had slightly different writing than the others. 

He also noticed that his aunt had mentioned her husband very frequently. When he discussed his suspicions with his grandfather, he told him that he had never seen her husband’s will. His relatives made sure OP’s grandfather couldn’t access the will.

OP immediately knew what to do next. He rushed to the notary’s office and asked if he could see his aunt’s husband’s will since he was a relative. He read the will and started to laugh when he realized his uncle’s relatives had hidden something. 

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After a few days, OP arranged a meeting in the notary office and called his aunt’s relatives. He handed everyone a copy of his aunt’s will and asked them to go through the highlighted parts. He also said that the frequent mention of her husband in the will led him to read his will. 

At this point, his aunt’s relatives were shocked. They didn’t want OP to read his uncle’s will. He announced that his uncle left everything for his brother’s family if his wife agreed to give everything to them before dying. He explained what was wrong with the will:

“You see, in our state it’s not legal to make such a kind of contract. So, I want to let you know that you just lost all your rights on my uncle’s will”

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His aunt’s relatives started yelling at him and calling him names because he had taken everything from them. The bank sealed their accounts, and the law forced them to move out of their house. They also had to pay for the missing items, including jewelry, nuggets, and cash. 

Another user commented that OP’s revenge was terrific. The user also felt terrible that his aunt’s relatives lied about the will, but he believed they deserved what happened to them. OP replied:

What makes me mad, is that it was the second time they tried to trick everyone, and the first time ALMOST worked.

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A user named FullerBot asked OP if he found the missing pages and asked if he had another copy of the will. OP replied that he didn’t find the missing pages and there was no other copy from which they could find the missing parts. He explained:

“The only copy available is the one the notary had and gave to everyone present during the reading.”

Most users believed OP did the right thing by finding out the truth. They felt his aunt’s relatives deserved to be treated like that because what they did was not acceptable. 

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Do you think OP’s grandfather should have insisted on looking at his son-in-law’s will?

When OP’s grandfather realized that his daughter’s in-laws were keeping him away from his son-in-law’s will, he didn’t insist on looking at it. Do you think he should have asked to look at the will? It might have solved the issue a long time back. 

Do you think OP could have done something better to take his revenge?

Many people thought OP did the best thing he could to take revenge. However, some people might disagree, saying that he could have taken their property without disclosing that he was aware of the truth. That might have surprised them even more. 

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