Man Causes Entire Family to Quarrel and Cancel Thanksgiving Dinner

A woman took it to Reddit after she decided to cancel the family Thanksgiving dinner she had hosted for the past twenty years. She made the difficult decision because of her brother’s wife.

Part of her family thought she did the wrong thing by canceling the dinner, while others supported her decision. She posted her story on Reddit to see what strangers on the internet thought about her decision. 

The 40-year-old woman had invited her mother, husband, children, and her siblings with their spouses. When she asked her brother to come to her place, his wife sent her a message that made her cancel the dinner. 

OP (Original Poster) revealed that her brother met his wife, Julie, five years ago. Since then, she has always created an issue about the Thanksgiving dinner. OP explained:

“Julie is very big into fad diets (Atkins, keto, South Beach) and every year she sends me a list of foods that she cannot eat and a list of things that she can.”

The previous year, Julie sent her list to OP, and she made sure to prepare her meals according to the diet plan. Despite OP’s efforts, the family dinner was ruined. 

The woman revealed that Julie was upset at the dinner table last year because her husband didn’t want to eat the ketogenic diet food. OP shared that they fought at the Thanksgiving family dinner and ruined the night.

Julie got offended after reading OP’s message

When OP invited her family to the Thanksgiving dinner she was hosting this year, Julie informed her that she was following a special fertility diet since she was trying for a baby through IVF.

Annoyed, OP texted Julie that she was only making one dish this year and she wouldn’t be able to cater to her request. OP explained:

“I was making one meal and one meal only and she could either eat what was being served or bring her own food.”

After reading OP’s message, Julie got offended and replied that OP was acting selfishly for not considering her request. She also complained about OP to her husband that night.

The following day, OP’s brother berated her over the phone for ruining the Thanksgiving dinner. He also reminded her of when Julie catered to her food allergies while hosting a BBQ party earlier that year.

In her defense, OP said that her food allergies were life-threatening, and Julie’s diet was her own choice that changed every year. She told him he couldn’t compare the two things. 

OP’s brother then called their mother, who told him that everyone in the family found it difficult to keep up with Julie’s dietary needs, so she should bring her diet food to family dinners.

When OP discussed the issue with her husband, he suggested she cancel the dinner, and she agreed. She sent a message to everyone that the Thanksgiving dinner was canceled, saying:

“I am serving (Thanksgiving menu). If they want to come over and eat with us, they are welcome to do so.”

After reading OP’s message, her sister, husband, and son supported her decision while her mother believed she shouldn’t have canceled the dinner. She posted her story on Reddit to ask other people for advice. 

IridescentAxlotl replied that she also made a dietary choice like Julie, but she never expects other people to cook separate meals because she understands how annoying it can get. She explained:

“I do appreciate it when (especially during thanksgiving) there’s one or two things I can eat.”

She added that Julie’s behavior was unacceptable and that OP wasn’t at fault. Another user named thin_white_dutchess confessed she was a vegetarian but then shifted to a vegan diet because of the person she lived with. 

People following a vegetarian diet don’t eat animal meat, but they consume animal by-products such as eggs, milk, and honey. On the other hand, vegans avoid the derivatives as well following a stricter diet. 

Since the Redditor switched to a vegan diet, she had started saving money. However, her vegan coworkers always had a problem when she cooked non-vegan food for her family members at dinners. She explained:

“The pot roast I made for my dad had nothing to do with you sally from HR- I didn’t bring you leftovers.”

Most users supported OP and assured her she wasn’t at fault. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a poor mother who worked three jobs to make ends meet after her husband kicked her out. 

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