Man Caring for Wife’s Plant after Her Death Believes She’s Sending Him a Sign from Heaven

Every Christmas, a smile shines over Frankie Allison’s face reflected in the blooming poinsettia plant, its bright red replacing the traditional festive pine.

The glow from the plant doesn’t only warm the heart of this man due to its beauty. It also reminds him of his deceased wife and the remarkable connection she had to it.

Frankie Allison’s spouse Maxine won this poinsettia plant during the mid-’90s on Christmas Eve. She tragically died of a heart attack only a few days later.

These are used as house plants in North America but tend not to last long. However, by 2016 and 19 years later, this plant grew and weighed over 100 pounds. Allison commented

“I had it sitting on a coffee table off the picture window that first year, and it just kept growing, and I thought, ‘Wow. This is growing fast.’”

Specialists from Halifax Seed were also in awe, stating that, primarily when grown inside, poinsettia plants don’t last too long. 


Since he doesn’t go out of this way to care for the plant, Allison admitted that he was unsure how it lasted so long. His loved ones were entranced by it, Allison stating

“They say that’s a miracle plant, They always say ‘your wife is still with you.'” 

His family and friends believed the spirit of his passed wife is what has continued to help the plant grow and stay strong throughout all these years. 

The story was shared on Facebook, where many netizens commented on how touching it is, some sharing similar experiences. There were, however, naysayers. One penned

“This is a sweet story, but it is not remarkable or a miracle. The poinsettia…can grow as large as a small tree, up to 16 feet tall.”

Whatever you may believe or know about this plant, it is common knowledge that the festive season is a sad time of year for many. So, if this plant helps the widower feel closer to his wife on Christmas, is there anything wrong with that?

Allison’s festive plant helps him feel connected to the love of his life. However, there are many other beautiful ways widows and widowers stay in contact with their deceased spouses. 

One woman continued to call her past husband’s voicemail, leaving him the most heartbreaking messages. A TikToker came across this when she went through her blocked numbers. 

One of those numbers was full of voicemails from this lady. Taking to TikTok and sharing a video of the moment she listened to these messages, the TikTok user began crying at the sound of the loving words. 

We all know that death is an inevitable part of life. However, there is always that place in our hearts where they continue living. It comes alive when we look at a picture of them, a movie they used to love, or in some cases, a blooming plant. 

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