Man Broke into House of Woman He Has Been Stalking for Months

While completing her office work at home, the girl noticed someone was standing in front of her. She looked up and saw a man with a knife looking straight into her eyes. 

The woman posted her story on Reddit under the title “I escaped an intruder by playing along.” A man entered her house when she was living miles away from her hometown.

She revealed she had moved to another country when she was 24. She lived in a flat with three other girls who were all from different parts of the world. She suspected the man had entered her house because of one of her roommates.

Amongst her roommates, OP (Original Poster) was the youngest one. They shared a 3-story flat which had a glass wall facing their fenced garden.

OP shared a healthy relationship with her roommates except for one girl named Cherry. She confessed she disliked her even after sharing a flat with her for seven months. 

One day, OP came home from work and made herself dinner to eat while completing her unfinished office work. She sat on her couch with her official documents by her side.

She knew Cherry was out with her friends for dinner and that she would create a fuss as usual after reaching home, so she listened to her favorite songs on her headphones while working. 

The stranger’s words sent a shiver down her spine.

Suddenly, OP felt someone was in her room. She raised her head and saw a tall man standing in front of her. She thought it must be one of Cherry’s friends, so she told him Cherry wasn’t home. 

When the man didn’t leave after hearing OP’s response, she told him that Cherry’s room was on the second floor, but he interrupted her, saying:

“I am not here for Cherry.”

The stranger’s words sent a shiver down her spine. OP raised her head and looked at the man from head to toe. To her horror, he was holding a knife in his hand. 

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the man’s dilated pupils. A tall man was standing in her house, and she had no idea how to escape the dangerous situation. She explained

“I needed to get downstairs, but I needed for him to think it was his idea…I decided to ‘play along.'”

The man then used his knife to pop the bottle’s cork he was holding in his other hand. OP instantly proposed the idea of getting glasses from the kitchen so they could enjoy their drinks.

The stranger agreed and tightly held OP by her gown while keeping the knife’s tip on her back. OP could feel the metal on her skin on their way to the kitchen, but she tried to stay calm and chatted with the stranger. She explained:

“I was most likely rambling, I couldn’t hear anything over my heart beating in my ears.”

Once they reached the kitchen, OP pointed to the cabinet where she kept the glasses. To her surprise, the man said he already knew where they were and opened the cabinet while she stood across the table. 

OP felt this was the right time to escape, so she darted for the main door and made it out of the house. She spotted two men crossing the street and immediately screamed for help but suddenly felt a push from the back.

The intruder had pushed her to escape while one of the men chased him. She felt pebbles piercing through her skin when the other man told her to call the police.

OP got up and ran inside her house to call the cops. She made sure all the doors and windows were locked while the person on the other end asked her for the details. 

As she narrated what happened a few minutes ago, she heard a loud bang on the door. The woman on the other end told her the police weren’t there yet. OP thought it must be the stranger who helped her and peeked through the eye-hole.

To her horror, the intruder was standing on her doorstep. He asked OP to return his glasses and yelled that he “wasn’t done with her yet.” OP stepped back, holding the phone to her ear, when she heard the police sirens outside her flat.

When the intruder heard the siren, he immediately took off. A police officer chased him while the other one stepped inside OP’s house and asked her what had happened. 

He took photos of the crime scene, interviewed the strangers who tried to help OP, and collected evidence from her house. Just then, Cherry entered the house and looked at the police officers in surprise.

After they told her what happened, she complained about how it could have happened to her instead of OP. The police officers then left and called OP to the police station the following day.

They had a man in custody and asked OP to confirm if he was the one who broke into her house. When she said it was the same man, the police officer took her into a small room and pulled out an evidence bag.

The bag had a few pairs of her underwear and a couple of her family photos. The police said they recovered these items from the intruder’s property.

The police also shared that the man was a criminal who had harmed many women, but OP was lucky to escape before it was too late. 

Stalking is a crime that doesn’t involve a single instance. It happens over several days, months, or even years before the stalker makes his final move. 

OP’s stalker had been keeping an eye on her for almost three months. He had been camping on a hill near her house, which allowed him to look inside the kitchen and living room, explaining why he knew where the glasses were. 

Stalking also causes the other person to suffer emotional distress, and OP confessed that the incident took a toll on her mental health. She talked about it when another Redditor replied to her post, saying that the incident must have been quite traumatic for her.

The Reddit user believed that OP’s intelligence saved her because she escaped her house at the right time. She also said that she must be feeling traumatized, to which OP replied:

“I have been diagnosed with PTSD, this moment in my life is a huge part of that.”

OP posted her story on Reddit seven years after the incident, and she confessed she still seemed therapy. She also revealed how the man broke into her house. 

It was Cherry who made him enter their flat for the first time. She brought him into the house for a night when he wandered into OP’s room and stole her belongings. He also stole the house key from OP’s drawers that night when she wasn’t at home.

desolate_cat asked OP if Cherry was still her roommate, to which she replied that Cherry had to go back to her hometown because her workplace had fired her for writing a humiliating article on her students. She also added that Cherry was arrested for evading taxes. 

Another user named shinyagamik disagreed with OP and said that she shouldn’t dislike Cherry for bringing unknown men into the house, to which OP replied:

“It is though, she regularly brought strange men into our home without any regard for our safety.”

She mentioned that Cherry once threw hot pasta sauce on her, which made her believe she was “completely unstable, irresponsible and careless.” She felt Cherry didn’t respect people around her. 

Most users felt happy that OP judged the situation correctly and ran out of her house on time. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a woman who claimed that a stranger broke into her home, but no one believed her. 

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