Man Accidentally Finds Old Grave of Young Girl in Farmland He Bought 8 Years Ago

A man is terrified after finding an old grave of a young girl who died in the 1800s in his farmland. He clears the place with the help of the locals and freezes at the spine-chilling discovery moments later. 

Around eight years after buying a large farm in rural Georgia, a man was startled when he ran into a headstone on the premises. He turned to social media to confirm if his discovery and suspicions matched.

Redditor power-cube bought the land from a family nearly eight years ago. Based on the alluring Peach State, the terrain offered a picturesque venue to kickstart agriculture. But one day, the man realized that this place was spookier than he thought. 

Man stumbles upon a gravesite in his farmland | Photo: Shutterstock

The previous owners had already informed the Original Poster (OP) about a small family gravesite on the premises during the sale. They assured him that the burial site eroded with nature over the years and that he shouldn’t worry about anything.

OP trusted them when they randomly pointed toward a vague area, claiming it to be the purported gravesite. The area remained untouched for quite some time until OP decided to till the soil and rejuvenate its core purpose. 

While clearing the land for horse terrains, OP chanced upon a headstone. He looked closely and couldn’t believe his eyes.

OP stumbled upon a headstone on his farm | Photo: Pexels

A large column headstone of a 17-year-old girl cloaked him in uneasiness. He gaped and quickly reviewed the historical records to find the person’s identity. 

According to the records, the girl had died while giving birth to her second child. One side of her gravestone was adorned with a long psalm. The 1840 and 1857 etched on the other side denoted her birth year and the year she died. 

OP wondered if this was the only gravesite on his farm. With the help of others, he began clearing the area near the headstone. 

OP joined the locals clearing the terrain | Photo: Pexels

Halfway through clearance, they stumbled upon a strange pit in the ground. It resembled the size of a grave and was sheathed in years of dust and rubble. 

He wanted an expert to confirm if his farmland was genuinely a gravesite before taking some serious action. 

After careful observation, OP cleared the site and found a smooth stone propped at one end. The stone had no writings etched on its surface. Still, OP had his doubts and wondered if it was placed there intentionally. 

OP found another smooth stone near the grave | Photo: Pexels

The locals who helped him clear the land told him it could be a slave gravesite. OP wondered if there was a long dark history buried under the manicured mud of his farmland. He immediately sought guidance on Reddit to verify his suspicions of the place. Redditor variebaeted suggested he immediately reach out to the Anthropology department near him and stated:

“If you’re open to it, they can do a full excavation. Or, if you prefer no digging, they may be able to map out the area with ground-penetrating radar. But if you let them dig, they’ll probably be better able to get you the information you’re seeking.”

OP claimed he called the anthropology department but was advised of the legal issues that could arise since the gravesite existed on private property. He was shocked when the officials suggested he dig the place by himself and contact the archaeological department if he found mortal remains. OP was puzzled and needed to think quickly.

OP called the local anthropology department | Photo: Pixabay

After deep thought, OP shunned the suggestion and claimed he wouldn’t dig up an alleged gravesite to verify its contents. He wanted an expert to confirm if his farmland was genuinely a gravesite before taking some serious action. 

OP intended to transform the gravesite into a memorial park and later claimed that the grave markings he’d checked online looked identical with his findings on the farm.

In a similar scenario, a person sought advice on Quora about the gravestone they’d found in their yard and how to navigate the situation. While several people shared their opinions, some funeral home professionals offered spine-chilling hints. 

If proven to be a gravesite, OP wanted to transform a part of his farmland into a memorial park | Photo: Unsplash

David Shipper, cemetery and funeral home professional, explained in his comment, “The dates on the headstone will yield some answers.”

“If the dates are from the 1900s, you may be able to probe the grounds with a strong metal bar. If a headstone is installed, there is a reasonable chance it’s an actual grave,” Shipper added.

Meanwhile, Carl Belken advised that a local funeral home would help. “If it truly is a grave, there’ll be certain laws you’ll need to follow in dealing with it. In Missouri, if someone shows up and wants to visit the gravesite of a relative on your property, you’ll have to provide them access,” he stated.

The dates on the headstones might help in finding the roots of the deceased, claim professionals | Photo: Pexels

If you were OP, would you continue digging for answers to confirm suspicions about a mass gravesite?

The more OP cleared the area, the more headstones he found, citing clues that his land could’ve been a historical burial site. If you were OP, would you get to the root of the matter even if it meant doing all the work to find out if there are indeed more mortal remains in his land?

Should OP’s suspicions turn out to be true, what would you advise him to do about it?

OP intended to turn part of his land into a memorial park. This would seem suitable if he finds out that what’s in his land is a mass gravesite. If you were OP, what would you do if you found out you had a land housing a historical gravesite?

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