Malin Andersson Admits Heartbreak After Finding Identity Of The Person Sending Her Death Threats

To lose a child is heartbreaking enough, but to have someone sending death threats simultaneously is soul-crushing. Malin Andersson knows this all too well. 

The star was faced with death threats after the death of her daughter last year and has been trying to pinpoint the person sending them up until now. 

However, when she finally found out who the person was that was sending the death threats, she could not have been more hurt or disappointed.


After four weeks in intensive care, Andersson’s first daughter, Consy, sadly passed away. She was left heartbroken, but soon became pregnant again. 

At this time, she began getting death threats from someone who was also mocking the death of her first daughter. Andersson was understandably distraught and hired a private investigator to find the person

Andersson’s heart was shattered this week when she found out that the person who was sending the horrible messages was her childhood friend. She was shocked and hurt at the revelation. 

Andersson is now pregnant with her second child and says that her mental health has suffered this pregnancy as she feels she has PTSD from her ordeal with her first child. 

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