Long-Lost Half-Sister Shows up after Father’s Death and Asks for Part of Inheritance

A woman showed up out of nowhere a couple of years after a wealthy man’s death. She claimed she was his long-lost daughter and demanded his son to give her a share of the inheritance.

A 28-year-old man was confused about sharing his inheritance with a woman who claimed she was his long-lost half-sister. He thought the subreddit “relationships” would guide him to decide better and posted his story online. 

Redditor InheritenceNightmare helped his father run their family business and learned the tactics to build an empire of his own. His father’s passing shattered him, and he eventually inherited massive wealth. Just as he prepared to launch his successful life, a woman, 24, visited him.

OP runs into a property war with a long-lost half-sibling | Photo: Shutterstock

She met the Original Poster (OP) a couple of years after his father’s passing in an attempt to reconcile with her biological family. OP quickly recalled his father’s affair with a young woman he impregnated. 

Years ago, OP’s father and the woman he had an affair with had a child they gave up for adoption. OP’s parents split up after that, and he was pretty sure that a half-sibling existed somewhere. 

However, he was uncertain about the girl’s name and whereabouts until she showed up that day. Deep inside, OP had his doubts and wanted to confirm whether she was his half-sister through a DNA test.

OP’s half-sister was given up for adoption | Photo: Unsplash

The results revealed her as his half-sibling, but he wasn’t excited as he still considered her a stranger. The woman said she wanted to know more about her biological family since her adoptive parents didn’t connect well with her. OP agreed and thought she deserved a chance.

He spent time with her and even introduced her to the other family members. Everyone was happy to have her around, and he thought all was well.

A few days later, she visited him under the pretext of knowing more about their father’s death. After a bit of conversation, she slowly seeded what he thought about giving her her “fair share” from the inheritance.

OP’s sister demanded her share from his inheritance | Photo: Pexels

She said it would be unfair of her to demand half of OP’s inheritance since he helped their dad build their fortune, so she narrowed her request to a quarter or a fifth. 

OP was enraged and told his half-sister that her fair share was zero, but he would be willing to help her with her education and career. This was what he’d initially promised after their DNA test, but the woman was infuriated and bombed OP with accusations. 

Some people asked OP if his half-sister would’ve still reached out if he wasn’t wealthy.

She later reached out to their grandparents, who found comfort in her while still grieving their son’s loss.   So OP wasn’t surprised when his grandfather lashed out at him and said he was being mean.

OP’s grandfather condemned him | Photo: Pexels

OP tried explaining that he still considered funding her education and career, but his grandfather was unmoved. OP was hurt and began to doubt whether he should give a share to someone he barely knew. Several Redditors advised him to consult a lawyer. Among them was user Doughchild, who stated:

“You should ask your lawyer. There’s usually a difference in personal assets and business. If you’re a business partner, you have a second role besides son, making the inheritance a complicated pie to cut up.”

OP responded that he had already tried doing that and that his half-sister didn’t have a legal claim. “It’s all family drama,” he added. Meanwhile, some users doubted his sister’s genuine intentions considering her coming around after their father’s death.

OP wonders if he is wrong and turned to social media for advice | Photo: Pexels

“I’d call her parents and tell them what she said about being abandoned and asking for money…She was adopted by (presumably) decent people and was well cared for,” another Redditor wrote.

OP later claimed that his half-sister’s adoptive parents were upper middle class and were doing fine, so there was no way bankrupt parents raised her. 

OP is firm in his decision | Photo: Pexels

Some people asked OP if his half-sister would’ve still reached out if he wasn’t wealthy. He revealed that he knew she wasn’t interested in her biological mother’s family and he was determined not to give her any share of his inheritance.

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