Little Girl Who Had Cancer and Fought COVID Had Her Best Christmas in the Hospital

A little girl diagnosed with cancer who also battled with COVID-19 refuses to give up and had the best Christmas in the hospital with loving attendants and a supportive family.

Young Clara Charlton from Grimsby, UK, is only four years old, and she has witnessed nothing close to a normal Christmas but two extraordinary ones. Shortly after her birth, her mother discovered something unusual – a growing and hard lump.

When they checked with a doctor at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, they realized that Clara had cancer, and she was immediately transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital. 

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Before Clara turned one, the doctors observed that their young patient had Denys-Drash Syndrome. It is a rare genetic condition that causes kidney failure and tumors.

Ellie, Clara’s mom, revealed that her daughter’s kidneys were abnormal, and one had a tumor. The tumor was ejected, however, it ruptured, leading to a radiotherapy session. 

In the end, the procedure affected the surviving kidney, and the young lass was put on dialysis, awaiting a new kidney. They left Sheffield and remained in Leeds Children’s Hospital for a year, during which they visited their home.


Clara is not Ellie’s only child. The young mother has two others: a 9-year-old named Ebony, and Tally, whom she gave birth to after Clara’s diagnosis. Still, with her hands full, she manages to show her second-born love.

The mother of three explained that after they checked into the hospital and treatment started, she kept a close watch over her child, sleeping next to her despite carrying another baby.

Although the journey has not been easy, as Clara struggled to develop as she should, her mother has been consistent in showing love and support, and the little lady has carried on cheerfully.

When she was nearly two, she was still in hospital, and it would have been impossible to celebrate Christmas, but her mother and sisters showed up to rally around their own.

Staff at the facility also created a harmonious and Santa Claus-like atmosphere by bringing gifts to the young girl and other girls.

The first time Clara ever witnessed Christmas, she was a baby. Christmas at age two was spent at the hospital while undergoing cancer treatment. The following year, she was on dialysis.

Last Christmas, the 4-year-old was down with COVID-19 and on a ventilator. The situation frightened her mother, who admitted that the family thought that she might never make it through. But she did!

Noami Short is another living testimony. This 10-year-old has been through a lot health-wise but continues to put up a fight and some positive energy. She has battled rare brain cancer, COVID-19, and is currently in rehab.

Short was diagnosed with stage 4 pineoblastoma cancer in 2019. She underwent a series of surgeries to have tumors removed from her brain and spine. Thankfully, she is now a cancer-free person, and the young miss cheerfully talks about her health.

The 10-year-old established that she is grateful for life, as well as all the fun moments shared with family and close ones. She is still under observation at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where doctors believe their young patients will walk again.

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