Little Girl Heard Gunshots from Rich Man’s House & Years Later She Asked Policeman About It

A woman was startled by loud gunshots in her neighbor’s house. The next day, his family disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Years later, the woman discovered unsettling details about the tragic night.

Redditor ArtemisiaRye lived in a lower-middle-class community in the Caribbean. The neighborhood offered scenic landscapes retirees enjoyed. Everybody lived a moderate lifestyle, but one family stood out. They were the wealthiest people there. However, no one knew where all that wealth came from. 

The Original Poster (OP) was 11 at the time. The family’s kids usually played with the OP and her friends. Though nobody bothered much about this, some worried about the youngest girl, Tiny.

The five-year-old girl liked hanging around with the OP. She’d spend the whole day in her house. Some were worried about her returning home late every night. The OP explained:

“I knew my mom and the neighbors were concerned about a 5yro being all day outside and not arriving at her house until midnight on schooldays.”

Considering their modest community, the people didn’t worry about the girl’s safety. Tiny’s parents threw a lavish birthday bash for her when she turned six. All the kids in the community were invited. But OP’s parents refused to send her.

She stayed back and played alone. Things went back to normal after the party. One day, the OP and her friends discussed their parents’ work. They turned to Tiny and her siblings to know what her parents did. She



“None of them knew what they did except he traveled a lot and was always at “meetings.”

The OP didn’t bother much. She continued to play, and the day settled down calmly. A few nights later, the kids heard loud exploding sounds from Tiny’s house. Everybody hurried out and forced their kids inside, yelling “gunshots.”

The OP was terrified. She’d never heard such dreaded sounds all her life. Some people rushed into her house for safety. She explained:

“My next-door neighbor (a cop) ran towards Tiny’s house. All we saw after the gunshots were a black van rushing down the street.”

She saw some men enter Tiny’s house. Though the girl and her siblings wanted to go back to their house and check, they were forbidden. More cops and ambulances arrived a few minutes later.

The OP never saw Tiny and her siblings again after that night. The house was deserted for a few months. Nobody was allowed to enter the premises. However, some strange men came around, often asking about the man and his children.

Several people wanted to know if Tiny and her siblings made it to safety.

Nobody uttered a word. The cops enquired the OP about Tiny and the others. They wanted to know if the girl told her anything peculiar about her parents. Years later, the OP wanted to find out, considering the rumors around the rich man’s death. She met her cop neighbor. He disclosed some disturbing details about that night.

The man in question was Tiny’s father, and he was a drug lord. He’d gotten into a deal with the cops to turn his rival gangs and a few others to them. This shook the OP. Moreover, the men in the van wanted to finish the drug lord’s kids and succeeded in tracking the eldest son.

He was found dead a few hours away from the town. His car was set ablaze. However, nobody saw the other kids but were sure that they lived in different countries under the Witness Protection Programs. After reading her story, user filthycasual908 shared a sympathizing comment that read:

“I hope Tiny is living her best life as Pequeña as we speak. That poor family. Those kids didn’t deserve that.”

Several people wanted to know if Tiny and her siblings made it to safety. Redditor bananfluer505 said: “Wow 🙁 so sad. I hope Tiny and the other survivors are safe. It made me think of Leon, the Professional.”

The OP later shared an update about Tiny. She said she was uncertain where Tiny was but claimed she’d often called the neighbors. The OP was relieved to know her childhood friend was safe.

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