‘Last Supper’ Altar Remains Intact in a Church Destroyed by Tornado in Kentucky

When a catastrophe strikes, it’s tough to see what good can come out of what appears to be nothing but a living nightmare. However, one alter wholly changed the perceptions of a traumatized community. 

Devastatingly, many have been killed across six states this past weekend, including Kentucky. This state is where the natural disaster truly took its toll, taking 74 lives.

The tornado ripped through a local structure of hope, almost destroying the First Christian Church, except for one symbol of light.

A church altar carved with Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” [left]; The almost completely destroyed First Christian Church [right]. │Source: facebook.com/fccmayfieldky

An altar with Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “The Last Supper” chiseled into it made it through the incident, giving the community a sense of consolation.

Beyond this comfort provided by the altar’s survival, the senior minister of the church Doctor Milton West also believes that the tragedy will be a catalyst for social unification, expressing

“I think this gives people an opportunity to pull together for the common good. Those differences don’t matter when you’re trying to rebuild your lives.”

This spirit of coming together as one was clear when churchgoers gathered outside the church in prayer, only two days after the tornado ravaged through Kentucky. 

This miraculous durability of the “Last Supper” alter was shared on the First Christian Church’s Facebook page. It included two pictures of the sacred structure almost entirely untouched. The post read:  

“The table of the Lord is intact.”

The online share became significantly popular. So far, it has accumulated 290 reactions, 232 shares, and 55 comments. 

Many of the remarks included individuals saying they would pray for the church and those involved. Others claimed that God ensured this communion table’s survival. One person penned:

“Everything demolished except for sacred things. It feels as if the Lord is telling us that despite what we see before us he is in control and to keep our eyes on him”

Susie Foreman expressed that she was happy that no person was hurt during the traumatic ordeal but that the catastrophe is still heartbreaking. 

Individual’s comments on a Facebook post by the First Christian Church. │Source: facebook.com/fccmayfieldky

Recently, Doctor West reported that many were attempting to salvage the altar and other artifacts to preserve them. This was due to the building’s structural integrity faltering more by the minute. He stated

“Our people have stayed strong during all of this.” 

This inner resilience will not only help Kentucky residents to rebuild their place of worship. Hopefully, it will help them reconstruct many of their lives that a forever scarring disaster has struck to the core. 

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