Lamar Odom Calls Social Media A “Lethal Drug”

Being in the public eye is never easy, as every decision you make is scrutinized by those following your career. Lamar Odom knows this fact all too well. 

The former Lakers player has had to defend himself recently after a 2019 interview has resurfaced and begun gaining traction again. 

Odom ironically took to Instagram to talk about how he finds social media to be “a lethal drug.”

In the interview, Odom discusses how he broke up with Taraji P. Henderson after meeting and falling in love with Khloé Kardashian, who he later married. He admitted to handling the situation with Henderson wrong in the interview and revealed some truths about their short romance. 

He also discussed Henderson, saying he wishes he would’ve “done things differently with her.” However, in the Instagram post, he tagged the interview as #OldNews. 

He then said that he had nothing but love for Henderson and that they should stop “feeding the masses.” The post was met with encouragement from fans and fellow celebs. 

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