Kyle Chrisley Said Dad Ignored His Granddaughter until He Learned She Is Biracial

“Chrisley Knows Best” star Kyle Chrisley once accused his dad and the patriarch of the family, Todd Chrisley, of putting his biracial granddaughter on the show to boost viewership. 

The “Chrisley Knows Best” family has carried on the picture-perfect theme of their long-running show for some years, but there was a time when conflict reigned supreme. It was mainly between Todd and his oldest son, Kyle. 

Seven years ago, the two were at odds, mostly with Kyle making several allegations against his father. One of these was that Todd had his biracial granddaughter, Chloe, on the show, because of selfish interests. Here’s all that went down. 

TV personality Todd Chrisley visits Hollywood Today Live at W Hollywood on February 24, 2017 [left]. Picture of Todd’s granddaughter, Chloe Chrisley [right]. | Photo: Instagram/toddchrisley


For years, fans saw the Chrisleys dote on their little family member, Chloe, often showing her off on their USA Network show “Chrisley Knows Best.” Todd, a self-made billionaire, and reality TV icon, started the show in 2014 with his family. 

It included his former supermodel wife, Julie, Nanny Faye, and his children, Lindsie, Kyle, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson. However, Kyle appeared in the first season before things went awry.

Kyle’s life and his resolution against drug addiction were aired when the show premiered. At the time, the young man promised to do better to bond better with his young daughter.

However, as the first season ended, so did Kyle’s resolution to stop taking drugs. He went into a spiral, which also affected his relationship with his father. 

He and Todd had constant brawls over Chloe, and he accused the patriarch of using Chloe’s biracial identity for personal gains, the growth of the show, and his own “demographic.”

Todd has proved that he adores his granddaughter and would defend her against trolls and ill-meaning people. Last year in June, Todd confirmed this on Instagram after tackling a critic.

The 52-year-old posted a sweet photo of himself and Chloe enjoying a bonding moment while posing for the camera. While many fans filled the comment section with admiration for the duo, someone added a nasty comment about Chloe being biracial.

Todd wasted no time showing why he was called the “southern dad with a sharp tongue.” He fired back at the critic, noting that he hoped they got clarity before it was too late. 

Away from that singular undesirable media brawl, Todd once shared that Chloe was aware of racial issues on his podcast. He stated that she knew what was “going on in the country” and conversations. 

Although Todd is protective of his grandbaby and knows she is still young, he stressed that she needs to know about her race. The star granddad expressed his love for Chloe and how he would keep protecting her.


The Chrisley seniors were granted custody of Chloe when she was barely six months old. All the while, her dad’s life was not entirely settled, while the Chrisleys shared custody with Chloe’s birth mom, Angela Johnson.

Johnson would later lose custody after authorities apprehended her for using Chloe as a dependent while defrauding Medicaid, a federal program that helps with health costs. It automatically gave Todd and Julie full custody.

Kyle’s series of allegations followed, and he noted that his dad was never interested in his daughter. After accusing them of accepting Chloe because she was biracial, the Chrisleys stopped showing Chloe on TV. 

Todd also denied Kyle’s claims noting that Chloe was a loved family member. He told Closer Weekly that it was great to see Chloe “grow, explore and come into herself so brilliantly through love and respect.”

He explained that Chloe had to be pulled out of the show to protect her at a different time. Kyle threatened to sue the show’s network, and Todd decided he didn’t want Chloe to be dragged through all that drama. 


While Kyle constantly attacked his dad verbally, some of his allegations were that Todd refused to let him see Chloe or even access where they lived. 

He told Daily Mail, adding that his daughter’s second birthday was around the corner, but he was not welcomed. Kyle went on a spree calling his dad a “snake, broke and bankrupt.” He also alleged that the family show was “fake.”

The 30-year-old noted that the show ruined his life as he vowed to fight tooth and nail to regain custody of his daughter. He also claimed to be trying to protect Chloe from what he suffered.


The last time authorities arrested Kyle was in 2019, and it was for the possession of drugs. However, as far as November 2020, Kyle seems to have stayed out of legal trouble. 

While his family’s show keeps progressing, he has not returned since his 2014 exit. However, this does not have to do with his rift with Todd. The patriarch has a hand in Kyle’s progress against addiction.

Kyle was hospitalized in 2019, and he went through disturbing phases that had him attempting suicide. However, he got better and stopped being estranged from his family. 

Once in a Facebook post, he gushed over his parents, cheered them for being there for him while admitting his inadequacies as a father. He also recalled apologizing to Todd, who accepted him with love. 

The dad-of-one recalled how Todd declared his love for him and stated that he was forgiven. Kyle noted that he would be grateful for Todd’s love and “graciousness.”

Kyle proved his love and support for his folks when they had tax issues. He shared that he would keep supporting his parents in all situations on social media. 

He refuted a 2017 statement he made to GMA against his father when he shared that Todd boasted about Tax evasion. Kyle relayed that he fabricated the information and other unfavorable claims he made against the Chrisley family. 

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