Kristen Bells Pens Touching Birthday Tribute To Dax Shepard

Celebrating birthdays is special on any occasion, but when your wife is Kristen Bell and posts a touching tribute, it gets a little more sentimental. 

Dax Shepard experienced just this on his 47th birthday when Kristen Bell took to her Instagram feed to post a birthday message along with a series of photos for Shepard. 

The post garnered sweet reactions from fans and fellow celebrities alike because of how meaningful Bell’s words were. 

In the post, Bell called Shepard a #DadBeast and revealed that “none of [them] deserve [Shepard],” all while referencing everything she enjoys about him. 

The post was coupled with inside jokes and photographs of the couple together with their daughters, Delta (7) and Lincoln (8). The couple has long been deemed a perfect pair and the post by Bell further proves that narrative. 

Bell finished the post by saying that Shepard is “singular” and then calling him a “stud.”

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