Kim Kardashian’s Neighbour Stops Her From Building Driveway On Her Property

While Kim Kardashian might seem like she can get anything she wants with the blink of an eye, it is not always so for the reality star. She has recently run into some property trouble with her neighbors. 

Kardashian is constantly making improvements to her home that make it easier and more comfortable to live in. However, the latest addition to her home, which is meant to be a driveway, is being contested by a neighbor. 

Sarah Key, Kardashian’s neighbor, has said that the driveway that Kardashian wants to build for easy access to her estate will be built on a piece of land that Key owns, and she is not willing to let Kardashian build on it. 

This comes after the same neighborhood made it impossible for the reality star to add subsurface features to her homes, such as a guardhouse and a wellness center. 

Key says that construction on the driveway has not yet begun, but she plans to stop it before it does. 

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