Kid Follows Cat-Like Sound & Finds Sick Man So He Calls Police – They Meet Again 16 Years Later

A 9-year-old boy was alone playing in his bedroom. He heard a strange meowing sound outside his window and thought his lost cat had returned. But he found a sick stranger outside. He alerted the cops and got him arrested. He fears the worst after meeting the same guy outside his house 16 years later. 

Given that his school was close by, Redditor Pesfi678 returned home early and stayed alone until his mom arrived. One day, he returned home around the same time and ensured he locked the front door before heading to his room to play. 

He wanted to make the best of the time before his mom made him do his homework. While playing, he heard a weird cat-like sound emerging from outside his window. He hoped it was his cat that had gone missing for three months and ran downstairs.

The Original Poster (OP) had gotten used to seeing random people walk around his clustered neighborhood. However, he hadn’t seen anyone halt on his patio before. When he came out to check what all that noise was about, he was unsettled. He explained:

“There was a guy standing on my patio. A tall guy with black hair covering half of his eyes, making him look like a male version of the ring women or something.”

He heard the guy make some strange, shrilling noise. The sound disturbed him, and if that weren’t enough, a brownish liquid started running down from the guy’s mouth. The OP stared at him in awe.

The guy spat out some stomped cigarettes. The OP realized that he’d eaten from an ashtray. He was petrified observing him. He immediately snapped out of it and screamed. To his surprise, the man didn’t react and kept eating. The OP added:

“I ran upstairs to my room, locked the door, and called my mom, who then called the cops. I’ve never been more terrified in my life.”

He hid under the blanket in fear and tried his best not to hear the shrilling noise. The OP almost blacked out when he listened to the cops arrive in his yard.

He was terrified and didn’t step outside. He heard the cops question the man and even threaten to arrest him. But the guy never responded and continued letting out those creepy sounds. The OP walked over to his window to observe further. He explained:

“I remember hearing the creepy guy screaming louder than anything I’ve ever heard before. He charged the female police officer with full force, and he [expletive] knocked her out cold.”

Another male police officer tased the guy. The OP could see him tremble on the ground while screaming. After a brief struggle, the cops handcuffed the guy. Eventually, the neighbors rushed to see what was happening.

An elderly neighbor comforted the OP and stayed with him until his mother arrived. Before leaving, the cops assured him they would come back to discuss why the guy was there.

The OP felt sorry for the guy and decided to do the unthinkable.

One of the cops came back that night to discuss the issue with the OP and his mom. He told them that the guy diagnosed with severe Autism escaped his facility. The OP was shocked when the officer informed them that the guy once lived in their house. This shook the family.

The cop added that the guy’s mom was his only caretaker, and he was forced out after she died. The police had evacuated him forcefully at the time. The officer assured them that it wouldn’t happen again. The OP mistakenly assumed the guy would never come back. But 16 years later, he stumbled upon a familiar face. He explained:

“I was enjoying my morning coffee on the patio when I saw this random guy stopping on the road by my fence. He just stands there, looking at me. I look at him and give him a nod. And then I hear the high-pitched noises.”

It was the same stranger. He looked mature and was still looking for his mom. The OP felt sorry for the guy and decided to do the unthinkable. He gestured if he wanted to come down to his patio, and the man immediately jumped over the fence. The OP had his fears and hoped he wouldn’t knock him down.  

To his surprise, the stranger smiled at him. The OP asked him if he wanted to go inside the house. The guy laughed, and his face lit upon entering the house. He felt it at home, and it reminded him of his mother. The OP got emotional and watched him tune into cartoons like a child. 

He wanted the guy to enjoy the moment. He informed the caretakers about his whereabouts. After a lot of convincing, the guy returned to the facility. However, the OP contacted the facility two days later and offered the guy to come over on Sundays and watch cartoons in his house.

The OP went from the “Let’s not meet the guy eating from the ashtray on my patio” to “Let’s meet every Sunday to binge-watch cartoons, my friend Tom!”

After reading his post, several users applauded the OP for his kind gesture. User SeparateCzechs commented:

“I’m the mother of an autistic son. I’m so grateful you are in the world, and your kindness has allowed a motherless son to come home each Sunday.”

Redditors like chunkyfunk69 related to the OP’s story and praised him in a comment that read: “As someone who has a sibling with Autism, this made my heart so warm. I can’t imagine a world where my little sister was without me, my brother, or my parents.”

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