Jon Gosselin Fought for Son Collin’s Custody for Months & Called ‘Liar’ in Response

“Jon & Kate Plus 8” star Jonathan Gosselin has had a hard time ever since divorcing ex-wife Kate Gosselin. Even Collin, one of his eight kids, called him a liar and accused him of physical abuse.

Divorces are never easy, but things get way more complicated when you have eight children to look after. “Jon & Kate Plus 8” stars Jon and Kate Gosselin know it firsthand, sadly.

After parting ways in 2009, the former couple got involved in some feuds and custody issues. A few of them escalated so much that they even needed the authority’s intervention.

Jon Gosselin on June 27, 2012 in Teaneck, New Jersey [left]. Collin Gosselin, Jon and Kate Gosselin’s son [right] | Photo: Getty Images – Twitter/TheUSSun


Jon and Kate tied the knot in 1999 and started having children right away. Their twin daughters Cara and Mady joined the family in October 2000, but four years later, the family received unusual news: Kate was expecting sextuplets. 

Sons Aaden, Collin, and Joel, and daughters Alexis, Hannah, and Leah were born ten weeks premature in May 2004. Kate’s unusual second pregnancy attracted so much attention that the family got reality TV shows and specials, including “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

Kate Gosselin and her eight children in October 2012 | Photo: Getty Images

Unfortunately, things started getting out of control after Kate and Jon’s divorce. At the end of the process, she was awarded full legal custody of their eight kids, while Jon received shared physical custody

In 2017, though, the police had to get involved in one of Kate and Jon’s disputes. The former couple had a heated verbal argument at an orthodontist’s office in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, over who had custody of Hannah, 13 at the time.

After authorities arrived at the scene, they learned that both parents had conflicting versions of their child custody agreement. The district attorney reviewed the order, but it was so vague that they couldn’t determine who was supposed to have custody of Hannah.

Luckily, Hannah made things a lot easier as she wanted to go with Jon, so he ended up with his daughter’s custody for the day, and nobody was arrested. That was not the only time the police got involved in family matters.

[Jon] has not spoken to his twins in eight years, and Hannah’s brothers have been “snubbing” her.

Hannah didn’t want to leave Jon’s side when he dropped some of his kids back off at Kate’s house following a regular custody day. Jon explained:

“[Hannah] wasn’t getting out of the car, she just had a fear, and I wasn’t going to discuss it at the end [of the] driveway.”

Hannah eventually told him she was just stressed out. After the other kids got into Kate’s home, Jon told his ex that he would take Hannah back to his home.

Sadly, Kate called the police and even filed a report against Jon. Still, Hannah has been living with Jon full-time since February 2018

Jon recently revealed that he had not spoken to his twins in almost a decade and that Hannah’s brothers had been “snubbing” her. Luckily, her relationship with her sisters is still great. With Kate, it’s a different story. 

Hannah and her mother are estranged, and Jon once confessed that his daughter didn’t even miss Kate. Hannah supposedly feels “slighted from what things have transpired.”

The situation with Hannah has been challenging, but things with Collin have also been challenging. Collin lived away from his family for about three years at the Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute (a program for kids with special needs), even though he was diagnosed with ADHD

According to Kate, she sent him there to help him reach his full potential. In 2018, Jon was awarded temporary sole custody of Collin as it was “easier for the transition,” mainly because he wanted to live with his dad

Jon lived and had a great relationship with Hannah and Collin for a while. He even documented the funniest activities they did together, including road trips, visits to the beach, and more.

Unfortunately, the rest of Jon’s kids don’t want to talk to him. Jon said he was okay with it as long as they kept in touch with Collin and Hannah.

[Jon] hoped Hannah’s personality could influence her siblings and, ideally, repair his relationship.


In September 2020, the Gosselins made headlines again after Collin took to Instagram to accuse Jon of physical abuse. After calling his dad a “liar,” the teenager said Jon “beat [him] up” even when he was on the floor. 

The County of Berks, Pennsylvania Child & Youth Services launched an investigation as the reported incident caused “bodily injury to a child.” About it, Kate said

“You do not punch and kick your children. You do not kick a child. I don’t want to hear any excuses from anyone […] I don’t want my children around him. Enough is enough.”

Following the incident, Hannah defended his father by saying that he had never been abusive. She described him as a loving and supportive dad who has always stuck by his children.

It is essential to indicate that, following the investigation, the probe was dropped as the claims were unfounded. The County of Berks, Pennsylvania Child & Youth Services issued no charges or citations following the incident.


In November 2021, Jon attracted some attention again after revealing that he hoped Hannah’s personality could influence her siblings and, ideally, repair his relationship with them.

Jon pointed out that Hannah was a free spirit and wished that the fact she was opening up would allow the rest of his kids to do the same and start speaking their minds more freely. He said:

“It’s not just me speaking for [Hannah] or mom speaking for her or the others. Maybe they’ll see, ‘I can speak, too. I have a voice as well.'”

Finally, Jon revealed he has been looking forward to his kids finally turning 18 for about 12 years already. He said he hoped they could venture out and find each other to “free the nest.”

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