Jenny McCarthy’s Accusations against Jim Carrey Made Him Speak about Bond with Her Autistic Son

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey dated for five years. After the breakup, McCarthy revealed the split also took its toll on her young son, Evan, who is autistic.

“The Mask” Actor Jim Carrey and former “The View” Host Jenny McCarthy were a hot item when they dated from 2005 to 2010. However, their breakup affected more than just them. 

During their relationship, the couple seemed to define happiness. The pair got along with each other’s children and formed a strong bond as a blended family unit. 

McCarthy had a son named Evan, who she welcomed with her ex-husband, Josh Asher, in 2002. At the same time, Carrey welcomed his daughter, Jane Erin Carrey, in 1987 with Melissa Womer. 

While Carrey and McCarthy dated, they regularly gushed about each other in interviews. McCarthy also revealed that Carrey and her son had a strong bond because Carrey could understand him:

“I sometimes call him the autism whisperer. He speaks a language Evan understands, and Evan feels safe with him.”

In a 2008 interview on “Good Morning America,” McCarthy admitted she was unsure how her son and Carrey’s first introduction would go. She explained it is hard to expect what will happen with an autistic child. 

She elaborated that it could be challenging to get her son’s attention, and usually, an adult needs to be quite animated to get an autistic child’s attention. Of course, being animated would not be an issue for Carrey. 

McCarthy was delighted to see that Carrey found a way to understand her young son and watch their relationship develop. During the interview, Carrey revealed how he got Evan’s attention. 

He shared that he would try to shout Evan’s name, but it would not work. So instead, he changed his tactic and whispered the boy’s name, which grabbed his attention. The actor explained:

“So one day I thought, “I wonder if this will work?” (Whispered Evan’s name twice) And it got his attention immediately because it interested him. “

Carrey also credited Evan with teaching him how to love. He also praised Evan for showing him “the greatness of Jenny’s spirit,” as he would have never seen it without her son. 

The couple also publicly showed their support for autism in a “Green Our Vaccine” rally in 2008. The rally raised awareness about vaccines and autism-related issues. 

With the couple’s public support for each other and their children, many fans and close friends were shocked when they announced their separation. One source revealed:

“[The breakup] was a huge surprise to even those of us who are close to them. Everyone around them is sad.”

Fortunately, the split seemed amicable as both parties shared their gratitude for each other and their relationship online or through the media. 

McCarthy told Us Weekly that she was “so grateful” for the years she shared with Carrey. She noted she would continue to be in his daughter’s life, and he would always have a special place in her heart. 

Carrey shared her sentiments on Twitter as he tweeted that he was grateful for “the many blessings [they’d] shared.” He also took the opportunity to wish her the best.  

Two years after the couple broke up, McCarthy appeared on the Howard Stern Show and revealed that the split impacted her son as he missed Carrey. She told the radio host:

“I’ve tried to ask [Carrey] numerous times [to see Evan] because my son still asks.”

McCarthy said she told her son that hopefully, his path would cross with Carrey one day, and he could see him. However, it was still a process, and he was working on understanding the situation. 

The actress did not directly attempt to contact Carrey but went through “channels” to try and convince Carrey to reunite with her son. However, they did not arrange a meeting. 

After McCarthy’s remarks about Carrey, the “Ace Ventura” actor spoke out and defended himself against the accusation that he abandoned her 10-year-old son.

In a statement to ABC News, Carrey said he would always do what he believed was in the best interest of Evan’s well-being. He shared his love for Evan and said the situation was unfortunate:

“It’s unfortunate that Evan’s privacy is not being considered. I love Evan very much and will miss him always.”

Although Evan might have felt upset over ten years ago, the young boy is well into his teens now and seems to be doing well with his mother and Donnie Walberg, her husband since 2014. 

In February 2020, McCarthy revealed her son was very independent and no longer needed love from his mother. Furthermore, the 17-year-old got his driver’s license and drove himself to school. 

McCarthy told Us Weekly that her son did not want her to kiss or “love on him” anymore because he was a teenager. She joked that he might change his mind when he is older. 

Although Evan no longer has Carrey to relate to, Wahlberg has shared that he could connect with Evan differently than his children, Xavier, 28, and Elijah, 20. 

Wahlberg explained that his sons were not affectionate and forthcoming with his emotions. However, they can have “intellectual conversations” which keep them connected. 

In contrast, Evan is not reserved with his feelings as he is more affectionate, so Wahlberg can connect with him that way. 

Carrey’s daughter is grown up too. Jane followed in her entertainment father’s footsteps. However, she is in the music industry instead of being an actor. She has a band called The Jane Carrey Band. 

She has also made a few TV appearances. Jane featured on the show “Catfish” and the 11th season of “American Idol.” However, she was eliminated in the Hollywood Week round.

The 37-year-old made Carrey a grandfather in 2010 after she had her son, Jackson Riley. She shares her son with her ex-husband Alexander Santana.  

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