Jazz Jennings’ Family, Who She Praised for Support Following Massive Weight Gain, Fat-Shamed Her

In a trailer for season seven of TLC’s “I Am Jazz,” one of Jazz Jennings’s family members confessed that they were shocked to hear what Jazz eats for a typical breakfast. 

The TLC reality show “I Am Jazz” premiered its seventh season. This season will feature Jazz and her family’s concerns over her recent 100-pound weight, which resulted from binge-eating. 

In the trailer for the show, Jazz admitted that she does experience fat-shaming from her family and that their comments make her feel humiliated. 

Jazz Jennings during the trailer of season 7 of “I Am Jazz” in 2021 [Left] Jazz Jennings in an Instagram photo [Right] | Photo: YouTube/Entertainment Tonight & Instagram/jazzjennings_

In one clip, Jazz shared with her family members and a health care professional that her breakfast typically includes “fast food, maybe a donut or two and the maybe two bagels.”

In response, her grandmother Jacky said in a confessional that she did not judge Jazz’s food choice, but she was “shocked” to hear about her typical breakfast. 

Jazz’s binge-eating disorder and her depression caused her 100-pound weight gain. The reality star has been open and shared her journey with her weight and eating disorder over the last few years. 

In June, Jazz shared a side by side of her recent weight gain and gave insight into her situation as she wrote she “suffer[s] from binge-eating disorder,” which means she is addicted to food and eats it in large quantities. 

She wanted to share a photo of her with the extra weight to hold herself accountable because she is ready to take the initiative and create positive changes to her health. 

Jazz has also shared videos of her candidly speaking about her mental health struggles on her YouTube channel. She said she was trying to love her body while wanting to be healthy for herself and her family. 

Jazz’s family has been supportive of her as she said, “my whole family, they’re absolutely incredible. They’ve been supporting me this whole time. They’ve motivated me. “

Her parents, Jeanette and Greg, have been incredibly supportive of their transgender daughter over the years. They first stepped into the public eye when Jazz was six years for in a Barbara Walters 20/20 special on trans children.

They have been by their daughter’s side through her battles with her mental health and gender reassignment surgery in 2018. Before the surgery, Jazz lost 30 pounds to be healthier for the recovery. 

She explained that she had to look at food and retrain her mind as she was using food to comfort her emotional struggles. Fans can keep up with Jazz and her family via her social media or the next season of her show. 

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