Jason Derulo Gets Into Physical Altercation With A Stranger Who Called Him “Usher”

For someone who spends a lot of his time introducing himself at the beginning of his songs, Jason Derulo found it quite upsetting when passers-by didn’t know who he was. 

The star got into a physical altercation with two strangers who mistook him for the fellow famous singer, Usher. 

The star was in Las Vegas when two men yelled at Derulo and called him by the wrong name. 

Derulo, who welcomed his son in May this year, was on an escalator when the two men passed by on another escalator and yelled profanities at the star. Derulo did not take kindly to this and immediately retaliated. 

Running past his bodyguards, Derulo approached the man who yelled profanities and punched him in the face. Security guards immediately tried to diffuse the altercation, but not before Derulo slapped the second man, too. 

At the time, the men did not want to press charges, but Derulo will need to be on high alert as they could change their minds and he could face a lawsuit.

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