Jane Seymour Reunites with ‘Dr. Quinn’ Co-stars including Ex-boyfriend Joe Lando 23 Years after the Series Finale

Jane Seymour and her “Dr. Quinn” costars, including her ex Joe Lando reunited this week for a special celebration 23 years after the 90s medical drama ended. 

“Dr. Quinn” star Jane Seymour took to Instagram this week to share that she and her costars William Shockley, Jason Leland Adams, and Joe Lando reunited to celebrate Lando’s birthday. 

Seymour shared two photos from the celebration. In the first photo, the “Dr. Quinn” costars embraced for a group hug, while the “Dr. Quinn” men held Seymour up in the second photo. 

Joe Lando as Sully and Jane Seymour as Dr. Quinn on “Dr. Quin: Medicine Woman” during the 90s. | Photo: Getty Images

In the caption, Seymour penned a sweet message about the day and said that “after all these years they still carry me” and that her heart was full from spending time with “these incredible humans.”

She revealed that they were together celebrating Lando’s big birthday as he turns 60 on Thursday, December 9, 2021. She joked that the 60s were just around the corner for the costars.

Seymour and Lando dated for a short period during the pilot of their hit 90s show. However, they broke up just before the show was picked up, so they had a few awkward moments on set together. She once told US Weekly:

“We didn’t actually talk to each other, other than in dialogue or making out for about six or seven years.”

Seymour played the main character, Dr. Michaela Quinn, while Lando portrayed her love interest, Byron Sully. Seymour explained that their off-screen issues add to Dr. Quinn and Sully’s sexual tension on-screen.

Fortunately, the former couple became good friends and have maintained their friendship over the years. The friends reunited two years ago in the summer of 2019 and shared a few pictures

Seymour shared a photo of the two hanging out together in front of a sparkling blue pool. The actress wore a pretty dress patterned tunic while Lando kept things casual and sported a maroon t-shirt and blue jacket.

The following year Seymour, Lando, and most of their former “Dr. Quinn” costars reunited for a Zoom event with Entertainment Weekly, during which they reminisced about their time on the show. 

The show has meant a lot to its viewers and, of course, the cast over the years. Seymour herself credited the TV show with changing and saving her life as she got the part after she was in “lowest depths of despair.”

Her ex-husband had racked millions in debt, and Seymour found herself homeless and penniless. After a desperate call to her agent, she landed the part and became the highest-paid female actress at the time. 

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