Jamie Lee Curtis’ Throwback Pic with Mom Janet Derails as Fans Slam Her for Using Racial Slur

Fans of actress Jamie Lee Curtis are up in arms after she used a racial slur in a throwback photo with her late mother, Janet Leigh. Take look at the fans’ reactions below.

Jamie Lee Curtis, renowned for her exceptional acting skills, inherited her gift of acting from her late parents Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, two of the legendary actors in Hollywood. 

Jamie became a breakout star after starring as Laurie Strode in the 1978 “Halloween,” a movie that produced many sequels, including the 2021 “Halloween Kills.” She will again reprise her role in “Halloween Ends” next year.

She later became famous in the films “Trading Places” in 1983, “Perfect” in 1985, and “A Fish Called Wanda” in 1988. She also won a Golden Globe award for her performance in the 1994 “True Lies.”

The 1994 movie was one of the biggest action films at that time. Just as Jamie is iconic for action films, the 62-year-old actress is undeniably famous in the horror genre.

Fans have dubbed her as “The Scream Queen.” Under the horror category, she appeared in the 1980 “Terror Train” and “Prom Night,” as well as “Death of a Centerfold” in 1981.

In contrast to her moniker as “The Scream Queen,” Jamie previously stated that she prefers not to watch the horror films she previously starred in as these terrify her.

While the acclaimed actress dreads scary movies, Jamie enjoys Halloween. Recently, the veteran actress dressed up as her late mother, Janet, from director Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller movie, “Psycho.”

Jamie showed off her spooky costume on Instagram, wherein she donned a belted, buttoned-up blue dress, black heels, a short blonde wig, and a blood-stained white shower curtain hanging over her left arm.

Janet, who passed away in 2004, was best known for her shower scene in “Psycho.” Her character as Marion Crane was killed in the shower by serial killer Norman Bates played by late actor Anthony Perkins.

Many fans adored Jamie’s Halloween look, but what caught their attention was her other Instagram post. She posted two throwback photos of her and her mother taken during the spooky season. Jamie dressed up as a little Dutch girl.


In the first photo, Jamie wore an all-white dress with puffy sleeves, a matching veil attached with fake white braids. She appeared with her mouth open and outstretched arms. Her lengthy caption read:

“I must’ve been around eight as I was missing my front teeth.”

The second snap showed the veteran actress resting her head on her mother Janet’s chest. She and Janet looked so much alike. Pictured beside their famous mom was Jamie’s sister, Kelly.

Jamie shared how she often had her birthday party on Halloween because her special day falls near Thanksgiving Day and that none of her friends could attend. A fan quickly commented:

“This is beautiful, but your caption holds a slur. I’m sure you would not wish to offend with its usage.”

A fan initially adored Jamie’s lengthy message but later expressed disappointment on “Freaky Friday” actress, asking to reconsider using the slur.  Another pointed out that is an “offensive remark.”

Another upset fan was shocked that Jamie used a racial remark in her Halloween post and expressed that if a person could spell the word correctly, there’s no way that this person could not know that it was a slur.

While the award-winning actress is yet to publicly address the issue, she has been vocal about women’s rights.

Fans continue to call Jamie for using the offensive word, but others thought the actress’s message was not harmful. Another fan suggested to the critics that they should lighten up. 

Jamie has yet to respond despite the growing concerns from fans. Some followers expressed hope that she would soon realize what she did in her recent post. 


While the award-winning actress is yet to publicly address the issue, she has been vocal about women’s rights in light of the rise of #MeToo movement, a social cause that is against sexual violence and assault,

In 2017, she wrote an essay that she “had been subjected to my own private, personal versions of sexual harassment on the job.” She said Janet would have reacted differently if she had been mistreated in the past.

She said Janet would remain silent while the #MeToo movement exposed sexual predators in Hollywood. Her mom would not acknowledge anything terrible since she was grateful for her career.


Besides highlighting women’s rights, Jamie is also open about supporting Ruby, her transgender daughter. She shares her 25-year-old daughter with her husband, Christopher Guest. 

The proud mom revealed Ruby’s sexuality for the first time in AARP Magazine’s July 2021 cover story. Jamie said they watched with “wonder” and pride” during their child’s transition.

Ruby previously opened up in a past interview that despite knowing she was “different” since she was 16, she only disclosed her identity to her current fiancé years later. 


The actress admitted that she has a lot to learn about Ruby’s identity and new terminologies. She noted that one of the hardest changes she made was fully integrating her daughter’s name.

In addition to her daughter’s name, Jamie admitted that using pronouns was quite a challenge as well. The icon and her husband would occasionally slip from one pronoun to another.

Although the couple tends to slip up on pronoun usage, Ruby is unaffected. For Jamie, the slips are part of learning how to best support their daughter. The couple also shares another daughter, Annie, 34.

Jamie and Christopher join the list of celebrities who proudly support their transgender and nonbinary children, including NBA basketball star Dwyane Wade and actress Busy Phillips. 

Wade revealed his 14-year-old daughter Zaya’s gender last year in an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Philipps has a 13-year-old child, Birdie, who is gay and non-binary.

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