Jack Nicholson Fathered 5 Kids While It’s Claimed That He Has at Least One More Love Child

“The Shining” star Jack Nicholson is known for his seductive ways. However, his various love affairs have resulted in him fathering multiple kids with separate women. 

Hollywood Actor Jack Nicholson has made efforts to build an impressive legacy and name for himself with his various memorable characters from groundbreaking films. 

However, the “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” actor also built a legacy by fathering five kids with four different women. Additionally, his love for women has sparked rumors that he has possibly a sixth or seventh love child.

Jack Nicholson in an interview at the American Film Institute in 1994 [Left]. Nicholson and his children, Ray and Lorraine, at a LA premiere of “Something’s Gotta Give.” | Photo: YouTube/American Film Institute & Getty Images

The actor’s children present Nicholson’s love for women, and more importantly, his known love for having sex with women. The “As Good As It Gets” actor once admitted himself:

“I’m interested in sex. I’m preoccupied with sex. I love it.”

Throughout Nicholson’s long and highly successful career in the industry, he has publicly acknowledged five children. He has one legitimate child, while the other four were out of wedlock. 

Jack Nicholson pictured in “Five Easy Pieces” in 1970. | Photo: Getty Images

The eldest is daughter Jennifer, whom he welcomed with his ex-wife Sandra Knight. The former couple married in 1962, after co-starring in the Roger Corman horror flick “The Terror.” Their marriage would not last long as the pair parted ways in 1968. 

Growing up, Jennifer, who is now in her late 50s, attended all sorts of Hollywood gatherings with her father. Her outings included The Playboy Mansion and parties hosted by her father’s famous friends, Marlon Brando or Warren Beatty. 

Fortunately, Jennifer once revealed that Nicholson’s rather non-child-friendly evenings out with her did not result in anything bad ever happening. But that did not stop her mother from worrying, as Jennifer once shared:

“My mother used to say that she prayed a lot, and I guess it worked because nothing bad ever happened.”

Jack Nicholson and Jennifer Nicholson at her fashion show for LA Fashion Week in 2003. | Photo: Getty Images

The fashion and interior designer became a sibling to many half-siblings over 30 decades, including children Nicholson allegedly never publicly claimed.

Several years after Jennifer’s birth, Nicholson welcomed his first love child, Caleb, whose mother is late Actress Susan Anspach. Caleb’s parents engaged in a short affair while co-starring on “Five Easy Pieces.”

Anspach married “Lost In Space” actor Mark Goddard while she was pregnant with Caleb. And so, after Caleb was born, the actor adopted him, and he was named Caleb James Goddard. 

Jack Nicholson with his award at the 60th Annual Golden Globes in 2003. | Photo: Getty Images

Although Nicholson now might acknowledge his eldest son, there was a time where he did not publicly discuss Caleb. Caleb once discussed Nicholson’s relationship with his mother:

“Jack told me that… he never liked my mom,…He further said that my mom had tried to use the press against him, that the press didn’t matter once you got to court.”

Although it took a while for Nicholson to acknowledge his son, “The Departed” actor has a better relationship with his two other children, Ray and Lorraine. They share the same mother, Rebecca Broussard.

Ray and Lorraine are Nicholson’s most publicly known children. They have accompanied him to various Lakers courtside games (one of Nicholson’s favorite events) and the different movie sets he has worked on. 

Both children have followed their father’s footsteps into the film industry, as Ray has a few acting credits, including “Panic.” Meanwhile, Lorraine has been creating a few short films behind the cameras. 


One of Nicholson’s lesser-known children is a daughter, Tessa Gourin. He welcomed her with estate broker Jennine Gourin when she was 20 years old and a waitress at The Monkey Bar. 

According to “Five Easy Decades,” Dennis McDougal’s biography about Nicholson, Gourin described the actor as the love of her life. She also shared she thought he had loved her too. 

It does not seem Nicholson has publicly acknowledged Tessa as his daughter. She doesn’t even appear on his Wikipedia page, which also lists Honey Hollman as his daughter. 

Nicholson welcomed Honey with her mother, Danish Model Winnie Hollman, in 1981. Not much is known about Honey; however, she has appeared in a few Danish films. 

Ray Nicholson and Jack Nicholson pictured at the Apollo in the Hamptons 2015 at The Creeks, New York. | Photo: Getty Images

Tessa is Nicholson’s youngest child. She was born in 1994. Despite Nicholson not publicly acknowledging her, he did pay for her education (it seems he paid for all of his children’s education).

McDougal also stated that Nicholson subsidized Gourin’s home in the New York neighborhood, Brownstone. So his financial contributions hint that Nicholson personally acknowledges his youngest daughter. 

Besides McDougal, another author, John Parker, stated in his book, “Jack Nicholson – The Biography,” that Nicholson promised to cover Gourin’s medical bills and support the child, which she confirmed he did.

Jack Nicholson pictured at the NBA All-Star Game 2018 at Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. | Photo: Getty Images

Tessa followed in her famous father’s career footsteps and has a few acting credits to her name, including “Stranger’s Arms.” However, not much else is known about her career.

Throughout the years, she has also appeared in the headlines. In 2012, Page six reported that Tessa was charged for criminal possession of marijuana after being caught smoking the substance in New York. 


Besides the six children mentioned above, which various reports have confirmed are Nicholson’s, the star reportedly fathered another child. 

McDougal alleged in his book that Nicholson possibly fathered a sixth child, a man “who lives with handicaps” due to his mother’s drug abuse. McDougal said a source close to Nicholson gave him the information. 

However, despite the claim, Abe Somer, Nicholson’s lawyer, told Page Six that the allegation of a sixth son was “false and inaccurate.” He further stated, “there is no handicapped son of Mr. Nicholson.”

In recent years, Nicholson seems to have been more focused on being a father to his children. He even has a grandson, Duke Nicholson, from his daughter, Jennifer. 

According to the Daily Mail in 2007, Nicholson vowed to make peace with his children “before it was too late.” His motivation was allegedly prompted by the death of his close friend, Marlon Brando. 

It’s hard to gauge how close the Nicholson siblings are. However, Lorraine has shared a few photos of her family, including her nephew Duke, and many throwback pictures of herself and Ray with their father.

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