Instagram star ‘The Savvy Baker’ set to open her second cafe at Redbrick Mill in Batley

Twenty-six year-old Savannah Roqaa admits she fell into the baking trade “completely by accident” through the first lockdown, after taking over baking to create care packages for her associates as a ‘pick-me up’ through the tough instances.

Now with over 500,000 thousand followers on instagram, Savannah is now getting ready for the launch of her second cafe which might be situated at Redbrick Mill on Bradford Street.

This newest addition sits alongside her Online store, business bakery and her first cafe which is situated on Lidgett Lane in Roundhay, Leeds.

The Savvy Baker cafe will open on Friday, August 26.

Savannah mentioned: “I think the Business has grown so much because I adapted to every single change that the world went through.

“I was worried about opening my first cafe but as soon as everything settled down and everything was running smoothly, I was like right what’s next?

“Redbrick Mill came up and they had an empty cafe on the MADE.COM floor. It was a really good opportunity.

“Redbrick Mill has been absolutely amazing. They have done all the painting and set everything up – they couldn’t have made it easier for me.

Savannah Roqaa outside Redbrick Mill in Batley.

“The fact it’s dog friendly as well is great because I love dogs and I think we are going to do a similar dog wall to what we do at the cafe at Roundhay.

“With Batley, because it’s half an hour away from Roundhay, it is close enough to Leeds and close enough for people to know about the Savvy Baker enough to want to go.

“It’s going to be really good not to see it in Leeds and to have new clientele to advertise to.

“I am excited for the future. There are a few collaborations in the pipeline with some exciting brands, there’s potential for a few more residencies within Leeds and then maybe we will shimmy on down to Manchester or Birmingham as well.”

The Savvy Baker cafe might be opening on the ground of Redbrick Mill on Bradford Street in Batley on Friday, August 26. The cafe may also be open on financial institution vacation Monday.

For the most recent updates observe The Savvy Baker on Instagram.

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