Inside Matt Damon’s $18M LA Home with Spa & Koi Pond Where He & Wife Raised Their 4 Daughers

Famous Hollywood actor and “Bourne Identity” superstar Matt Damon and his wife, Lucianna Barroso, purchased a Pacific Palisades mansion for a record-breaking amount of $18 million. A peek into their stunning estate.  

Only a very few actors can match the global domination of American superstar actor Matt Damon. The brilliant performer has held the movie industry ransom since his award-winning debut in the movie “Good Will Hunting.” 

In 2012, the incredible actor sent Hollywood tongues wagging once again when he and his wife dropped an astonishing amount on a Los Angeles seaside mansion. 

Luciana Damon and Matt Damon walk the red carpet ahead of the ‘Downsizing’ screening and Opening Ceremony during the 74th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on August 30, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


Matt Damon built his 13,508 square feet house in 2005. The mansion sits on 0.58 acres of land, and it is one of the largest estates in its area. 

The building is located in the upscale Northern Riviera pocket of Los Angeles, in the seaside Pacific Palisades. It boasts an open floor plan that lets natural sunlight into every room.

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: Twitter/@notbrodyjenner

Architect Grant Kirkpatrick of KAA Design modeled the Hawaiian-inspired structure. He used warm woods and natural stone to create an organic yet minimalist feel.

The house was built with the intricate fusion of stones, woods, and Stucco pavilion to showcase Southeast Asian and Classic Californian modernism features.

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: Twitter/@notbrodyjenner

The property has seven bedrooms and ten baths. The main home is an atrium featuring a 35 foot high and polished mahogany ceiling. 

The master suite also has a private terrace, massive walk-in closets, a massage room, and an elegant bathroom with wall-to-wall carpeting. Also, most of the bedrooms and closets in the house have treetop views. 

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: Twitter/@notbrodyjenner

The kitchen has custom mahogany cabinets with bluestone countertops, stainless steel Viking wolf, and Miele appliances. It also leads to a casual dining area and family room that features floor-to-ceiling walls made of Asahi glass.

A children’s playroom, a fully stocked gym, a dance studio, and a temperature-controlled wine cellar and bar are found in the basement. 

The mansion holds a media and game room with state-of-the-art equipment surrounded by large windows revealing the beautiful outdoor landscape. The media room also directly leads into the gardens. 

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: Twitter/@notbrodyjenner

A look outside the house will reveal a Hawaiian-inspired lanai with a television, heat lamps, and chandelier. There is also a covered lounge for outdoor dining and an alfresco dining terrace. 

The foliage-surrounded outside grounds hold the children’s play area, a Bali-style swimming pool, a spa, a waterfall, and a koi pond. The grounds also feature dense tropical plants and giant trees.

Away from the Hollywood spotlight, Matt Damon is a doting father of four kids. The actor revealed that fatherhood has made acting easier for him.

The father of four explained that emotions he once had to reach out for are now readily available to him, and he does not have to do much to access them whenever he needs to play a character. 

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: YouTube/

Damon is dad to Isabella, Gia, Stella, and Alexia, his wife’s child from her first marriage. The actor also revealed he gets a lot of antics from his daughter, Isabella, who is also one of the funniest people he knows.

The other two, Gia and Stella, are a bit easier on him, and the actor gets to spend some time with them. 

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: YouTube/

He also explained the COVID lockdown meant Isabella, who should have been out doing her thing, had to stay home for an extra year. However, being afforded a little extra time with her made Damon happy. 

In an attempt to make his kids experience the world, the actor takes them on trips. This is very important for Damon because his mother took him to Mexico and Guatemala while he was young, which positively impacted him. 

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: YouTube/

The father of four revealed he jumped into the deep end when he married his wife because she was already a mother to 4-year-old Alexia, which meant he became an extra dad. 

But his heart was already full of love for Barosso, and her kid did not deter him from loving her even more.

Damon has his daughter’s names tattooed on his right upper arm, and the actor explained he never expected to be surrounded by female kids but has learned so much as a girl dad. 

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: YouTube/

He has discovered that female children are more intelligent than their male counterparts, which contrasts his earlier assumptions.

He realized this when he became utterly devoted to his 2-year-old daughter. He believes that if she could have such control over him at such a young age, the kid could do much more as an adult. 

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: YouTube/


The American actor raising four kids with his wife Barosso revealed that being a celebrity means their kids get a lot of free things, including toys. 

Damon says when boxes of these free toys arrive, they do not open them because the kids already have all they need. The toys are subsequently sent to other kids who need them.

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: YouTube/

Although the actor and his wife want their kids to have everything, the pair do this to set limits for the children and teach them about specific perspectives in life. 

The father of four also explained that if he could downsize anything in life, it would be stress and the number of things in his closet. 

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: YouTube/

Damon recalled an incident where he had gone into a Calvin Klien store to get ten pairs of his favorite boxer briefs after releasing the popular debut movie “Good Will Hunting.”

The storekeeper would not allow him to pay for the boxer briefs even though he had enough money and wanted to. He left the store with ten free pairs of boxer briefs disappointed. 

Inside Matt Damon’s $18 million LA Home | Photo: YouTube/

He explained that this incident is a perfect illustration of how much society gives to those who already have much but need the least. 

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