Inside Ben & Erin Napier’s 97-Year-Old Dream Home Where They Raise Their 2 Adorable Daughters

Ben and Erin Napier are one of the most enjoyable couples on television. Before the launch of their HGTV show, the lovebird’s romance was already up and running. 

Fans who enjoy HGTV would have come across the fabulous duo Erin and Ben Napier, who are both masters in the art of transforming an ordinary-looking house into a masterpiece.

Aside from being the perfect pair on TV, the duo shares more than a passion for designs and decorations; they are a match made in heaven. Ben and Erin have a cute history. How they met, fell in love, and started their show is a story worth a series of its own.

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The “Home Town” couple has known each other for a while before fame came knocking. In reality, their relationship propelled them to greater heights as each party served as inspiration for the other.

Ben and Erin met in their schooling years at Jones County Junior College in Mississippi. Shortly after meeting and falling in love, the duo realized they shared a deeper connection. They started dating in 2004 and what followed was years of bonding and a romantic adventure.

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Recalling their meeting, Erin said they met in their college yearbook room. The meeting was to discuss a feature story written about Ben. Ben was a famous name in their school. He was likable and was often the center of attention.

Erin, who was the design editor for two years, said she had long noticed him and was among the many who had a crush on him. Fortunately, working on the yearbook brought them together. And, in the most romantic twist of all time, the two knew they’d met “the one” after only six days of dating.

On her blog, Erin revealed Ben confessed that he was falling in love with her. He’d never said anything like that before, and she was the first person to whom he’d ever express himself. Although she admitted to being shocked by the statement, she, however, felt the same way.

Ben’s proposal to Erin was just as romantic as his confession of love. On the weekend of Erin’s birthday, in September 2007, he popped the question in a most fashionable way. 

The design maestro asked Erin and her friends to walk him to a bookstore, where he said he wanted a book for class. Erin waited on the basement level with her pals, browsing, while Ben walked upstairs.

Jennifer, Erin’s friend, gave her a handcrafted leather book and asked her to read it. It was about an odd pair who met and fell in love in college. Erin began to notice how similar it was to her and Ben. The last page of the book asked her to go upstairs for the final part of the story.

Erin excitedly went upstairs and found Ben. The lovebirds were rather emotional at this point. Ben then said to Erin, “You know how much I love you?… And you know I will always take care of you… I talked to mammaw and in the words of James Rasberry, ‘I’ve got something for you.'”

Erin accepted Ben’s proposal, and they walked down the aisle in November 2008. The couple is now parents to their two kids and recently celebrated their 17th anniversary. Erin shared a long post on her Instagram, paying tribute to her longtime lover.

She wrote, “Ben Napier and I circled each other before we ever really met. Actually, it’s more accurate to say I circled him, like a moon in his orbit. I admired him from afar, thinking I’d never be the kind of girl he’d notice.”

Most celebrities take years to prepare for fortune and fame, but Ben and Erin never thought they’d have their own show or even be famous. The couple was only pursuing their passion with no formal experience in construction. However, things worked out for the best.

Before becoming famous for their TV show “Home Town,” in which they identify and restore homes for families, the college sweethearts were honeymooners attempting to create the perfect look for their dream home, a 1925 craftsman cottage in Laurel, Mississippi.

Every decision had to be made on a budget as they renovated the house piece by piece. Erin explained that they didn’t want to squander any money.

The mother of two chronicled the home-building journey from start to finish. When their house was finished, it was published in a number of magazines and blogs, catching the attention of an HGTV producer.

Since then, the couple has made a fortune from their “Home Town” show, where they retouch buildings in their neighborhood. But as Erin said, they never expected any of these.

Ben and Erin live in their exotic 1925 cottage with their daughters, Helen and Mae, and their dog, Chevy. The house has always been their dream home. Erin once said that she had dreamed of living in the house since she was a kid.

Ben and Erin’s distinct sense of style distinguishes them from the other home remodeling programs airing on TV. Their sense of style is on full display in their house.

The two-story property is extremely stunning. After a busy day, the pair enjoys relaxing and unwinding on the first floor, which features a dining room with a farmyard-type table made by Ben, their study, the kitchen, or their lovely family.

Erin and Ben love their family time. Sometimes the couple just loves to sit on the large front porch, which lets them enjoy the fresh air while bonding.

Furthermore, the “Home Town” stars fully decorated two bedrooms on the second floor with top-notch designs and furniture. Also, the second floor has a Jack and Jill bathroom.

Ben and Erin’s living room features a lot of space for their daughters to run around and play with their pet; however, it is the colorful pillows and their cozy chairs that add warmth to the room.

The Napier family seem to be book lovers. The living room has a special corner dedicated to books that range from art, history, fiction, and children’s books. Cute family photos and black and white figurines further add spice to the living room.

Ben and Erin’s kitchen has a striking butcher block counter. The couple’s pots and pans are hung beside the old iron enamel sink above the oven. The lights, which are fastened to the ceiling by cotton factory pulleys, are the most unusual feature of the area.

Furthermore, their kitchen has a mix of dark and light wood cabinetry. Their daughter, Helen’s painting, is displayed on the kitchen wall, and the tableware cabinets have glass doors.

Erin and Ben’s choice of bathroom tiles for the property is absolutely stunning. Their eldest daughter enjoys taking baths with her Barbies in the tub, situated beneath multiple white windows that overlook the yard.

Helen’s room is opulent and inviting. Her bed was designed by Reid Classics. The room is also well-colored by a fine work of art.

Ben and Erin became parents for the second time last year following the birth of their daughter Mae. The college sweethearts said they were happy to expand their family. According to the home remodeling couple, the pregnancy was a noteworthy experience.

Erin admitted that filming while pregnant was a difficult experience, but thankfully, she had a supportive family to help ensure there were no loose ends. 

With two kids who they raise in their dream home, Erin and Ben appear to be living their best lives. The couple is protective of their daughters, especially from online trolls and other unhealthy exposures, which is why they believe raising their kids in a small town is best for the family.

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